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How Leo From Haywards Heath Lost 2 stone!

My name is Leo. I’m 26 and from Haywards Heath. PPT: Why did you decide to join Potential Personal Training? Leo: I decided to join Potential Personal Training because I wanted to enjoy being fit again, and enjoy going to the gym as well. PPT:  What have you achieved since joining Potential PT? Leo: So […]

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Charlie’s Story – From not being able to find clothes in the high street shops to scuba diving like a BOSS!

Charlie Price Joined PPT at the end of 2015. His results have been phenomenal!   Take a look at his photos below…   We interviewed Charlie to talk about his journey through Potential… PPT: What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a programme?   Charlie: Two years prior to joining PPT I had reached the heaviest […]

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We Are All Stressed Out!

We often don’t even realise we’re stressed until after the event, and we look back and wonder how we survived! But many people are living in constant stress, juggling too many things, their minds over-crowded with ‘stuff’. Every App designed to make our life easier just seems to add to the burden providing yet another […]

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5 Reasons Why Not to Wear Makeup at the Gym

5 Reasons Why Not to Wear Makeup at the Gym A guest blog by Winslow skincare By Elle Winslow on 21st January 2016 in Acne and Breakouts, Ageing Skin, Sensitivity or Redness, Uncategorised Exercise, whether in the gym or outside is great for your skin. It allows increased blood flow, increases oxygen levels and brings […]

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So today I’m going to talk a bit about setbacks, or getting knocked down (points to any one that gets the 90’s reference in the title) and more importantly getting back up again. Because whilst Chumbawamba isn’t the best place to go for advice when it comes to drinking, the notion of getting knocked down and then […]

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