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Excuses, are they to be or not to be?

This can be a sore subject with a lot of people. You usually have two sides: the team ‘No Excuses’ side, or the ‘Aww, don’t beat yourself up, just put your feet up and relax and eat a whole box of donuts and watch the new season of [insert favourite programme here]’ side.   My […]

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The Haunting Truth About Sitting Down All Day

If you’re reading this you might be wondering: what qualifies as sitting down too much? Am I sitting down more than I should? What are the risks? Are there risks? If I’m sitting down too much, what can I do about it? Well, hopefully I’ll have answered these questions for you by the time you’ve […]

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We Are All Stressed Out!

We often don’t even realise we’re stressed until after the event, and we look back and wonder how we survived! But many people are living in constant stress, juggling too many things, their minds over-crowded with ‘stuff’. Every App designed to make our life easier just seems to add to the burden providing yet another […]

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Injury is an opportunity for improvement

Injury is an Opportunity for Improvement   Before you read this, I am not a doctor or a physiotherapist writing about clients; I write this from my own experience of being injured from sport and training. I have had more injuries than there are letters in the alphabet! These injuries are custom to the sport […]

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Week 27 Of Pregnancy And Feeling HUGE!

Apparently pregnancy drags and by the end of it women are desperate to get their little one out, but my pregnancy seems to be racing through! I can’t quite believe I am at week 27 already. Slow down, baby, I’m not ready to meet you just yet…   So apart from missing red wine and […]

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