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Charlie's Story – From not being able to find clothes in the high street shops to scuba diving like a BOSS!

By February 23, 2017No Comments

Charlie Price Joined PPT at the end of 2015.
His results have been phenomenal!
Take a look at his photos below…Charlie before and after
We interviewed Charlie to talk about his journey through Potential…
PPT: What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a programme?
Charlie: Two years prior to joining PPT I had reached the heaviest weight I had ever been; 22 stone. I had previously joined many gyms and tried many different diets.
They all worked, but only temporarily, every time I ended up gaining the weight I had lost, plus some.
I buried my head in the sand and immersed myself in a busy work and family life.
During the 18 months before joining I needed to have three operations, just for an abscess removal each time, but this led me to being less active and fairly poorly, although this did help me lose a stone!
It also gave me time to reflect on my lifestyle, whether I accepted what I had become (and hated) or if there was any last chance to do something about it.
I constantly felt tired, sluggish, uncomfortable, depressed, lacked confidence, found it hard to find clothes that fitted in main high street stores and was really starting giving up hope, knowing that all these things would have a massive negative impact on my health and life span.
My mum also passed away during this period which also really brought things home to me, and hit me hard, and more time for reflection about my future.
On top of that I had also been diagnosed as having pre-diabetes by my doctor, something I desperately didn’t want as I had seen my father suffer with it, but always thought it would be inevitable that it would be my turn one day.
My wife and I had always wanted to do a PADI scuba diving course and had booked one up a year in advance. Once we booked I was quite filled with worries about my weight, fitness levels and fitting into a wetsuit! This left me questioning if I could ever achieve something that we really wanted to try and that I might not be able to take part.
This did also help to become an incentive in wanting to lose some weight, although I expected it to be temporary – as it always had been previously.
While I was convalescing from my final operation I phoned several fitness training organisations, purely after looking up local providers on Facebook, wanting a more personal support approach and someone who would listen to me and simply help me.
PPT showed up and their website spoke volumes, and also filled me with fear – only because I knew it was so much what I needed and was after; that personal attention, the nutritional support, the group support and the whole ‘no egos’ ethos spoke volumes to me.
I dared to make a website enquiry to PPT and was amazingly called back within the hour by Charlie. He was really encouraging and supportive and suggested booking in an initial meeting with Maxine which I did. We met within a week and I had 101 questions and concerns, but Maxine answered them all and made me feel like this journey was possible for me, I wasn’t beyond hope or help. The reflection of PPT’s ethos and enthusiasm was so evident and real and I was happy to try an initial trial period in group sessions – which I was dreading!
PPT: What results have you achieved since starting your programme?
Charlie: In my first large group session, there were around 16 people, it was quite daunting not knowing what I was getting into but Sophia from PPT was really welcoming as were other people training in the group, especially James. There was such a friendly atmosphere unlike at the gyms that I had been to before!
I found the session quite difficult physically but was shown alternative ways of doing some of the exercises which meant that I was able to do activities to the best of my ability. I was determined to stick at it and to give it all I could.
Yes it is an effort, yes it takes determination and yes, it takes persistence, but after chatting to so many of the other people there I had heard such positive and encouraging news over and over again.
The ongoing diagnostic and nutritional advice that I have been fortunate enough to get from Sophia has been invaluable. Just making small changes, thinking ahead and planning has made a huge difference. I gradually started to lose weight and was starting to feel better in myself, even though sometimes I didn’t feel like I could make it through the sessions – although when I did make it through each time it felt like such a major achievement!
“My old school moto was ‘Always Preserve’ and I was determined to do so”
The positive results weren’t overnight, it took time and hard work and will continue to do so, but the gradual improvements have built up, my blood pressure has come down, as has my BMI, my heart rate, my body fat, my glucose levels are now at normal level, and (by my calculations) I have now lost over three stone over the 16 months I have been there. I have gone down two or three clothes sizes too, and no longer have to scour for at XXXL sizes in everything. I felt so much more confident doing the PADI course in the summer and it wasn’t a massive mission for them to find a wetsuit that fitted me!
On top of that I feel healthy, I feel much more confident, I feel active and have so much more energy, I now actually want to go out for long walks, bike rides and the occasional run. I have even signed up with a few colleagues to do the Brighton Marathon 10k run in April 2017 which I am in training for to raise money for a charity. I would have previously run a mile (not literally!) had anyone suggested this. I no longer have pre-diabetes either which on its own is a huge result.
I know that I still have a long way to go in this journey and I would really like to lose another three stone, but I actually feel like I can do it if I stay determined and focused and keep taking the advice and support that PPT offers.
PPT: What do you like best about Potential Personal Training?
There are several things that I like and that I think are really good, for me these are:
All the PPT staff – friendly, professional, efficient, encouraging and real!
My fellow trainees – whichever group I’ve been in, the people have always been so welcoming and encouraging.
The range of programmes and availability times on offer, that suit with a busy lifestyle and a busy work schedule.
The diagnostic and nutritional support given.
The whole ‘no egos’ ethos that PPT clearly lives out.
PPT: What would you say to someone considering joining our programme?
Charlie: For someone in my situation I love the old adage: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” yet it is so true, set small achievable short term goals as well as larger long term goals. The whole bigger picture can feel overwhelming and unachievable but keep focused and get the support and advice that is being offered to you.
I would say simply trust PPT, trust the experiences of those who have used them, don’t delay any longer and try it out – it is literally life-changing.
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