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My name is Leo. I’m 26 and from Haywards Heath.
PPT: Why did you decide to join Potential Personal Training?
Leo: I decided to join Potential Personal Training because I wanted to enjoy being fit again, and enjoy going to the gym as well.
PPT:  What have you achieved since joining Potential PT?
Leo: So far I’ve lost two and half stone of fat and I’ve built muscle mass as well.

PPT: Awesome! What do you love about Potential PT?
Leo: What I love about Potential PT is the enjoyment; the coaches as well, they make it all fun. Plus the people that you train with, they are all a really good laugh and great to train with.
PPT: What would you say to someone who wants to lose weight but is feeling nervous about starting their health & fitness journey, and why should they come to Potential PT?
Leo: If someone’s thinking about joining Potential Personal Training, I would say they definitely should. Reasons why – because it’s a very relaxed setting, there’s not a lot of pressure, you come in to enjoy yourself and be yourself. No one is going to judge you or anything like that. And it’s just a very good place to be.

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