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Olympians don’t get GOLDS without GOALS…

In every aspect of life we all have things we need to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. This includes home and family life, work life, social and vocational, plus health and wellbeing – which should of course be top of your list to assist with all of the others! But […]

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No Pain, No GAIN… or is it?

No Pain, No GAIN… or is it? We all know by now you have to work hard to get good results. One of my favourite quotes is by the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali, “When I feel PAIN, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts!” Now as motivational as that […]

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I HATE Exercise!!

Personally, my own dislike for exercise began at school. I have terrible memories of being made to run cross country; being an overweight kid made running really hard work and NOT fun in the slightest. Especially when your PE teacher is literally screaming at you, “Maxine, you are supposed to be RUNNING not WALKING – […]

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Spring Has (Almost) Sprung…

I’m just too excited that my favourite time of year is coming around…   WE ARE MOVING OUTSIDE!!!   I know that to some of our newer clients, the idea of working out while being exposed to the elements and in plain sight of the general public, is probably going to cause some kind of […]

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I’m going to start this blog by telling you all about a weekend trip that Maxine dragged me along to. To make sure we are constantly striving to give our clients the best services and keeping one step ahead of the game, Maxine regularly attends business workshops aimed specifically at improving your business and the […]

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