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Can Tapping On Your Head Help You Cope With Stress?

By March 3, 2016No Comments

{Last week} we published a guest blog by Mary-Jane Sharratt in which she talked about the power of meditation to help us take a different view on life. I know from my experience that Mary-Jane uses other methods of de-stressing with people so I went along to talk to her and find out what she offers.
PPT: You have integrated lots of different types of de-stressing techniques into your daily life over the years. Do you have a favourite?
MJ: Well meditation is still a big part of my life, and I make the time to meditate at least three times a week. There are also a number of different breathing techniques I use (nothing fancy, just ones that get you focusing on your breath and oxygenating your cells), especially when I’m driving and they get me into a good mind-set before beginning work. One of my favourite things is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping which I studied a couple of years ago. It’s becoming increasingly well known and is used by a number of celebrities to calm stage fright and improve performance. Steve MacDonald in Coronation Street was even seen using it in the programme a while ago.
PPT: So how does EFT work?
MJ: It takes about five minutes to learn the tapping points, which are on some of the most powerful acupuncture points. If you think of the acupuncture meridians as being channels of energy, sometimes the flow through the channel gets blocked up, like silt in a river. This can affect both our physical health and our emotional state, as each meridian is associated with different emotions. The action of tapping clears the energy flow along the channel.
PPT: Do you feel a bit silly doing it?
MJ: You can feel a bit silly, especially tapping on your head and face, but there are hand tapping points too which you can use fairly discreetly, even in a meeting or on the train.
PPT: What sort of results have you seen with tapping?
MJ: I’ve worked with people in groups and individually, including those who have had significant trauma in their lives. Doing the tapping in a supportive environment enables people to feel safe as they allow the blockages to release. People sometimes cry whilst doing it or feel a really strong emotion, such as anger, but it soon passes and they feel as though they have let go of something that they may not have realised was weighing them down. There can be a few hours of settling time but within a day or so, people generally feel much better.
PPT: You mentioned that some people use EFT to enhance performance. How does that work?
MJ: We are a product of our beliefs, most of which we made in the first few years of life. These often surface when we are put in a challenging position, perhaps having to do something outside our comfort zone. Thoughts such as “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not capable” will often arise. It’s possible to use the tapping methodology to go back to where that belief was made and unravel it. This can unleash huge potential in people once they have cleared their blocks to success.
PPT: Where is your favourite place to work with people, helping them to de-stress?
MJ: A couple of times a year I rent a beautiful retreat centre in Arundel where I can bring together a small group who are ready to make some changes in their life. When you are out of your usual environment, without the stresses and pressures of everyday life, it enables you to really focus on yourself and that is the platform for transformative change. With my team we provide a nurturing environment, and serve delicious, nutritious food in a luxury location. Each day there are small group de-stress sessions, and I encourage everyone to have a one to one de-stress session too. There are also guided meditations, yoga classes and daily nutrition and cooking workshops too. The whole experience is magical and people return home feel permanently different, not just temporarily relaxed like you can after a holiday.
PPT: That sounds like the kind of experience our members would really love. Where can they find out more?
MJ: There is a lovely website at Costs for a four night retreat begin at £547 all inclusive, and there are various room options to choose from. I’m also offering anyone booking by 15th March for our May dates an inclusive one to one de-stress session during their stay. A deposit of £260 secures your place.
PPT: Thank you so much for your time. It’s been great fun.
MJ: My absolute pleasure.

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