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By May 5, 2014No Comments

If you are looking from the outside, golf can be a world which you may not fully quite understand. You may have your assumptions or ideas but have you actually given it a chance.
Imagine being able to play a sport from a toddler right through into your 80’s, the experiences and people you would meet along the way, and a chance to play with your children and perhaps even grandchildren. Imagine being able to stay fit enough to do that.
I started playing golf at the age of 9 and immediately got hooked. My uncle would take me every weekend to the golf course and we became extremely close because of it. Since then I have had many enjoyable golf days with my family and friends which gives us a great chance to catch up together.
But what sort of people play golf; I’m sure you have your ideas but have you misjudged it? Golf has changed so much over the past decade that it now welcomes everyone to give it a try. Take a look at this list of names who are keen golfers:

Samuel L Jackson
Tim Henman
Steven Gerrard
Mark Wahlberg
David Beckham
Snoop Dogg
Celine Dion
Alice Cooper
Justin Timberlake
Adam Levine

I am sure you were not expecting to see some of those names in there. They all are passionate about the game of golf but also the social and fitness side of it too. The strict rules have gone and golf is now a game where everyone can enjoy.
The number of social events that are held at Haywards Heath Golf Club are phenomenal, it makes you want to start playing golf just for that reason. As I write this I have been invited to this weekend’s Mexican Night.
But what about the fitness side and why am I telling you all this? Golf is often thought of as a passive sport that does not require much degree of fitness. In reality, golf incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and even balance and co-ordination.
Most golf courses are spread over multiple acres of hilly ground, so walking around this is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system. Don’t be tempted to ride the golf buggy!! Imagine the workout your quadriceps and hamstrings are getting.
One of the best exercises you can get from golf is the ability to balance your body. This is something the majority of people struggle with. Great balance can only be achieved by having a strong core. Your core includes the abdominal muscles, as well as the lower back muscles and buttocks. These muscles work together to prevent back pain, falls and more.
Working with Maxine and her team, we are about to change the fortunes of golfers in Sussex. We are teaming up to offer a golf movement analysis where golfers can come to improve their golf with lessons and also help improve their swing with physical work. They will build up better power, rotation and prevent injuries. If you know any golfers then this may be for them.

Our offer to you as a Potential PT member and VIP club card holder is to have a trial golf lesson for just £9.99. After reading this, maybe you might just try it….


James Verrall

Head PGA Professional

Haywards Heath Golf Club

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