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This is not a normal gym. So friendly helpful and affective. Would absolutely recommend to anyone in the area.

Ben Painter Avatar Ben Painter

Great understanding of what exercises are required for individual needs. Enjoying exercising more than I have in years.

Paul Langridge Avatar Paul Langridge

The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, always address you by first name and encourage you to do your best. I have also found the community to be welcoming and friendly. Would recommend Potential 100%

Nick Clifton-Welker Avatar Nick Clifton-Welker

The best investment I've made in myself - I'm seeing gains and improvement every session. The coaches are all really friendly, understanding and professional. And the community has been brilliant; welcoming and supportive.

David Randel Avatar David Randel

I've been running on and off for years, but have recently joined PPT for strength classes to help me run better. It's been a brilliant experience, with a really friendly, helpful training team and great community of different people.

John V Willshire Avatar John V Willshire

I first became a member of PPT 8 years ago and loved the community atmosphere, and personal coaching style. I made great friends, lost weight and grew stronger. Having left for a move to London, years later I’m back in the local area raising a family and attending PPT again. This time around I’m focusing on my mental health; the sessions have really helped me with getting out of my home office, and have given me an hours break from being ‘Mum’. Join if you’re looking for a non-intimidating environment and something more than your conventional gym.

toby nelly Avatar toby nelly

I joined a couple of months ago and wish I’d joined sooner. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and the staff couldn’t be more helpful.

Chris Calvey Avatar Chris Calvey

Been going to PPT for about 18 months now and absolutely love it. The PPT team are all just awesome people, and make the place what it is. It's an environment that is pressure-free and so enjoyable. The pre-booked group sessions (rather than just going to a gym when you feel like it) was the motivation I needed to actually keep going week after week. And having a PT there to lead the session, keeping you interested, helping you with technique, is worth every penny. Give it a go, you won't regret it.

Ben Wood Avatar Ben Wood

I've been a member at PPT since September 2019. It is the first ever gym / training studio that I have joined and its now well and truly part of my life. The people make this place first class, from the fantastic coaches and the rest of the community. There is not a more welcoming environment that I've experienced. The programmed training itself is phenomenal, from large group strength, cardio, boxing and hybrid classes, to both semi private and 1-2-1 PT sessions, there is something for everybody. With additional coaching sessions supporting members with their nutrition, PPT goes the extra mile and some. For me, having never joined a gym before, I lost 4st in just 10 months, so can guarantee you will get results in a non intimidating environment with the best support possible. No egos just results sums it all up!

Alex Holland Avatar Alex Holland

PPT is awesome. Great facilities, PTs, and community. It doesnt feel like most gyms. The No Egos, Just Results motto really resonates. Everyone is awesome, works together, and get results. Cant recommend enough.

Andy Collen Avatar Andy Collen

I have been in and around gyms for the last 35 years, but i have never been in one like this, but this isn't a gym, this is a community where the culture stands head and shoulder above all others. From the first moment i walked in every coach knew my name, the other members are so incredibly welcoming and great fun to be around. Almost as a complete aside there is the fitness and programs which are constantly changing and evolving, it is such a supportive environment that even if you're having an off day or are carrying an injury the sessions are adapted to encourage you to continue. I have found my last gym.

Phil Maynard Avatar Phil Maynard

I love PPT, I've been a member for just over a year and it's everything I wanted and more! The coaches are a real credit to the company, as they go above and beyond, giving you advice when needed, supporting you through your progress and much more I've made some truley amazing friends through PPT and I look forward to the classes and socials with them all!!

David Gorringe Avatar David Gorringe

Such a friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming environment to train. I have always been really put off by Gyms feeling that they are quite judgemental but that is not the case here at all. For the first time I really look forward to my sessions and feel that everyone around really wants you to succeed in your goals. It took me years to knock on their door..... I only wish I had done it sooner. If you are considering them, pop in and say hi. It will be the best decision you make. Cannot recommend them highly enough!!

Victoria Clare Avatar Victoria Clare

Potential isn't a gym, its a community. One that supports, inspires and drives you to hit the goals you want, without any pressure to be someone you ain't! Top quality trainers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Chris Carter Avatar Chris Carter

PPT isn’t just a gym. It is a safe space where anyone can attend and have fun while exercising. The trainers are fantastic in their delivery of sessions, each one is varied and structured. You never feel out of place or feel like you can’t do anything. And every person that walks through the door is genuinely really happy to be there so the atmosphere is always so upbeat and positive.

Aimee Marchant Avatar Aimee Marchant

Fantastic gym, highly recommend. All the trainers are great, they vary what we do each session, they're friendly and encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone. You are made to feel part of the gym from the moment you start.

Alex Cottrell Avatar Alex Cottrell

I survived 4 years. Love it 🙂 Edit: I am still with PPT and it's 9 years of 2 or 3 times a week - in small group sessions with different morning trainers. A great social community as well. And yes, loving it still.

Lynn Tulip Avatar Lynn Tulip

I joined the gym a year ago now. I was very nervous as I was very unfit etc. etc. Everyone has been very welcoming and friendly. The instructors are so helpful and listen if you have any questions or current ailments etc. meaning you can’t do certain activities and so come up with other suggestions for you. I have also been offered and have nutrition consultations which are very useful. I used to go to another gym with no particular instructors and just plodded along not pushing myself but now I am encouraged and stretched and feel much stronger/better. There are 2 venues now with classes throughout the day/evening so plenty of classes to choose from. Come along and join the family.

Anne Aldridge Avatar Anne Aldridge

Love it here. The community is fantastic and so welcoming and the coaches make you feel super comfortable. Sessions are fun and varied, and it's the first time I've truly looked forward to going to a gym. Thanks to all at PPT!

Tom Hylands Avatar Tom Hylands

If you want to find some motivation and get back into fitness with likeminded and supportive coaches then definitely give PPT a go. Lovely friendly gym would definitely recommend!

Nikki Goodeve Avatar Nikki Goodeve

I've been with PPT around 6 months - enjoying it so much that I actually want to exercise because it's fun, not because I must, and it's doing me a heap of good physically and mentally! I do strength, boxing and group circuit sessions here. As someone who's shy and dislikes intimidating, crowded gyms and clicky crossfit environments, I have spent considerable time trying to find the right place with decent facilities to establish a regular workout routine with the right support. All the staff at PPT want to understand your goals, and through their knowledge and training they help you push yourself but only to what you're comfortable with. The coaches and the clients I share sessions with are super friendly and down to earth. I've never felt like a number, or pressurised, or judged. They've got the recipe just right here, with small group classes, and with their social and community efforts, and I'm getting fit, so big yays all round!

Bec M Avatar Bec M

PPT is great. They know when to push you and when turning up was the hardest bit. Everyone supports each other and are a genuinely friendly bunch: trainers and trainees. Very inclusive of all levels of fitness and Lycra wearing!

Emma Russell Avatar Emma Russell

Been going here for over a year now and have never really stuck at a 'gym' like I have PPT. I love it. The coaches are great, the classes are always different so it always feels fresh, and the people make it so much more enjoyable. I couldn't recommend it enough...

Liam Laville Avatar Liam Laville

PPT is great. The trainers are friendly and welcoming but also know when to push you so you get the most out of the sessions. They are knowledgeable so can always change exercises if you need. The PPT community is great!!

Emily Hague Avatar Emily Hague

I’ve been a member of PTT since 2018. The coaches are super at what they do. I’ve totally changed my mindset towards fitness. I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been. I’ve taken on challenges, which I thought I couldn’t do. I’m a totally different person to who I was 18 months ago. PPT has been my training ground in physical and mental resilience. I also qualified as a PT with Connor who is an excellent coach, mentor and teacher. One of the best decisions I made was to keep going despite finding the workouts challenging to start with. Progression rocks!!

Sharon Holmes Avatar Sharon Holmes

I joined PPT a few months ago - I love my sessions there and feel so much stronger as a result. The sessions go very quickly and there is a great all inclusive ethos which is really important. No matter what level you are at with your fitness you always feel included. If I have ever had an injury the trainers always have an alternative and have great knowledge if what might help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and always look forward to going

Helen Sutherland Avatar Helen Sutherland

What can I say? Short version - I have lost 2.5 stone in five months and feel as fit as a fiddle. Long version - this is a superb set-up: a great leader in Max with a highly professional long-standing team behind her ('long-standing' is a great sign) and membership is booming (another excellent indicator). I attend four weekly sessions along with my wife with nearly every workout being different. They cater for all shapes and sizes and ages like me (I'm 57) and nothing is ever too much for them. You may baulk at the price but, believe me, it's worth every penny and is fantastic value for money. We need to clone Max and her team and get them around the country. I can't recommend them highly enough. Take a bow!

Andy Salmon Avatar Andy Salmon

Amazing community and more than just a gym. After struggling to get back into regular exercise after having kids I decided to try PPT and absolutely love it. The classes have so much variety and the trainers take so much care to adapt exercises for each individual. Keeping you moving is a priority and after getting a back injury they helped coach me back to fitness. The support of the community and the trainers means I've been able to make a lifestyle change as opposed to training to 'lose weight' and I love it (even the push ups).

Lorna Laville Avatar Lorna Laville

The best gym in the area! Such a great vibe and friendly, highly qualified team. Great fun sessions and a real community spirit with every session. I feel so good since I started with PPT and have been able to get back to a great level of fitness. Highly recommend 🤩

Alison Dalziel Avatar Alison Dalziel

I highly recommend Potential Personal Training. Maxine and her team are super supportive, friendly and clearly know how to get the best out of their Clients. I have really enjoyed the experience so far and can see myself becoming a long-term member. The other members are also very friendly and supportive and there are no egos. Give it a go!

Samantha Wooldridge Avatar Samantha Wooldridge

Approached PPT with the aim of a quick 3 month blast to rejuvenate my fitness programming. The fact that I am still remain a member now 2 years on is testament to the professionalism and results drive by Max, Connor and the other coaches. All of my compound lifts have better form and significant increase in weight, every year is a PB year. I have introduced my wife to the gym who is a traditional gym no goer and she loves it and is getting great results. A perfect environment for anyone on any part of their fitness journey. They have embraced digital, hybrid and safe in person environments during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that all the community continue to benefit from the physical and mental benefits of fitness - chapeau!

James Roberts Avatar James Roberts

Brilliant. Really feel like you're achieving something and you make loads of friends. Staff and clients are so friendly and encouraging Thank you guys

Sarah Dean Avatar Sarah Dean

Have been a member at PPT for nearly 5 years and LOVE IT. Hated exercise before and gyms full of posers but PPT is completely different and has a real community feel to it. The trainers are excellent and the support you get is fantastic in both fitness and nutrition. Anyone thinking of taking the leap into exercise should definitely give PPT a go.

Louise Ridley Avatar Louise Ridley

PPT is so much more than a gym! The clue's in the name - the most fabulous bunch of likeminded people shown how to realise their true potential by some of the best personal trainers in the business!! 👍

Chris Paul Avatar Chris Paul

PPT has not only changed my life but it’s saved my life too! From day one I was made welcome and never felt like I wasn’t good enough or couldn’t try anything, it’s amazing how they cover all levels, ages and experience in 1 group. The physical effect of the past 7 months membership can be seen but it’s also been amazing how I’ve changed/improved mentally. I feel so much more positive about life now and it’s all thanks to the amazing team at PPT ❤️ Not sure they’ll ever get rid of me now!

Suzie Perrott (Suzie.P) Avatar Suzie Perrott (Suzie.P)

I have never stayed with a gym before joining here. It is good fun and has kept me motivated. The staff are all lovely. I would really recommend it.

Scarlet Hutchinson Avatar Scarlet Hutchinson

I started as a client in 2016 to improve my overall fitness and nutritional awareness. At the time I remember visiting other gyms and personal training companies but there was something different about what Maxine was doing at PPT that made me give them a go - and I’ve never looked back. The coaches are brilliant they know when to push you and when you have more to give but it’s okay to work at your own pace - which can vary from session to session. The best thing about PPT however is the community that they have built. I’ve met loads of great people most of whom are serious about their fitness and wellbeing without being the atypical gym posers. I’ve got injuries (unrelated to PPT) but I’m able to work around them and ensure that I can continue and stay fit and get stronger. Their motto is “no ego, just results” - which sums my experience up brilliantly.

Allan Potter Avatar Allan Potter

Love training hard with this amazing group of people. They are the most supportive, encouraging & motivating community/gym I have been a member of. No egos.... just results, they speak for themselves

Diane Braid Avatar Diane Braid

I have been going regularly for a year now and it has become a way of life. You don’t need lots of expensive equipment like many gyms but what they have is very effective. You need knowledgeable, motivating, friendly coaches who design your programme and help you make progress. This is what PPT provides and the effect is that it is popular, fun and you come out feeling great. It’s worth every penny.

Jeremy Paine Avatar Jeremy Paine

I have been a member of PPT since October 2019 and I would thoroughly recommend them. I attend a combination of strength and cardio classes and I am never bored. You are constantly improving whilst having fun as the trainers and other members keep you inspired and motivated, full of encouragement. the structured programs are brilliant. #hardworkpaysoff

pete wyatt Avatar pete wyatt
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