Maxine and her team are the best, they know exactly how to get the best out of you and you feel part of a proper community!

House Proud Finish Cleaning services Avatar House Proud Finish Cleaning services

Such an amazing place to be, with a brilliant team that has given me life-changing results. Not at all being the 'athletic' type, I soon found out that there was a real sense of community and people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Thank you to all the team at PPT my time with you has really felt a solid and worthwhile investment!

Charlie Price Avatar Charlie Price

Definitely not your average gym. No egos. Instead it’s a wonderful, diverse community of people all working together to help encourage one another & promote achievements. The team that work at the gym are personal, friendly and very professional. They offer a wealth of knowledge & insight as well as promoting events outside of the gym & help you work towards your goals!

Chantelle Batchelor Avatar Chantelle Batchelor

This is a gym I am going back to regularly and is going to be an ongoing part of my life and my wife's. I am paying more than I had at other gyms, where I got little ongoing supervision or updates on my "program", if I was lucky enough to get one at all. I work out to a level that is safe for me and is effective. With less supervision I have a tendency to not do the right thing or do to much. The instructors are all very good and encouraging. For dieting they encourage carb/ fat/ protein tracking on a phone app, which is easy. They then help with weight loss to see what kind of diet works best for you. Generally people are a bit older or much older than at other gyms. The atmosphere is fun and focused. Not everyone is fit (I am not). They have been very helpful in working around what exercises are safe for me as someone with various injuries: a scoliosis (causing a prolapsed disc), twice torn right calf muscle, plus excessive joint mobility / trapped nerve. Thumbs up 5 stars.

James Kitching Avatar James Kitching

Maxine and all the trainers are brilliant! I’ve just hit my fourth anniversary and still loving it. The trainers vary the sessions enough to keep them interesting with just the right level of focus on interim goals. Being able to book in via the app means I can fit sessions around any last minute work chaos which is huge plus for me.

Megan Amber Avatar Megan Amber

I love my time at the gym, the trainers are amazing, it's like a second family, very friendly! Alsorts of ages, never feel my age when I go! You start at your own speed then you can see overtime how much you have improved! Various classes to choose from too!

Diane Lehwald  Avatar Diane Lehwald

Starting as a client in 2014 I was initially nervous of what was expected of me in sessions. I shouldn't have worried - the staff were (and still are!) super friendly, knowledgeable and approachable; they make you work harder than you think you can, and help you achieve so much. As for the clients - they are amazing!! I am proud to be part of such a great community six years on.

Liz G Avatar Liz G

The most motivated I’ve ever been at a gym, the trainers get to know you and they make the sessions fun. I’ve had great results, more than I thought possible. There’s a lot of variety and choice and booking sessions is super easy. There is also lots of nutritional input if you want it. Everyone is friendly and welcoming which makes it a real community. I’m so pleased to be part of it.

Clare Parkinson Avatar Clare Parkinson

PPT isn't just a gym it's a fantastic community of amazing people. The classes are varied and times to suit all. The trainers are very good at adapting anything to accommodate everyone. The social side is brilliant too with lots of different events happening. I have been a member for 2 and a half years and have made many great new friends! Plus I have found a passion for training and I'm fitter than I have ever been! Give it a won't regret it!

Brophy Brophy Avatar Brophy Brophy

I have never stuck with a gym before. The trainers are all responsive and fun. They really seem to care, whatever your level of fitness. The other clients are friendly and welcoming. The classes are varied both in content and timing and you get an email reminding you that you have booked in which is the nudge I sometimes need! There's also sensible nutritional advice. It's a fantastic gym!

Mandy Claiden Avatar Mandy Claiden

The only gym I have ever stuck with - so there must be a magic ingredient! I joined in 2015. The trainers are engaging (and often entertaining!) and will adapt exercises to meet needs. Its social, fun and has a strong community spirit! Lots of lovely people and no egos!! And, of course, the main benefit is that I feel fitter and healthier than I have done for years!

Jo Cowderoy Avatar Jo Cowderoy

Great Gym with a fantastic group of people and trainers. Don't get me wrong, they make you work hard but always with a sense of fun and belonging. Great support from fellow members and trainers. It feels more like a family than a gym

Chris Donohue Avatar Chris Donohue

Great sense of community. It isn't like going to an ordinary gym. The sessions are great and tailored to bring everyone on regardless of their current fitness. Everyone is rooting for you and encouraging. There is nutrition advise and drop in sessions to monitor your progress too if you want it. There is a great social side too. You can get as involved as you want. The trainers are brilliant. There is such a wide range of sessions so you are bound to find your own favourites and with early morning, evening and weekend sessions as well as daytime sessions, you won't have an excuse not to get your sessions in.

Martine Ratcliffe Avatar Martine Ratcliffe