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Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthier?

Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthier?   Well there’s a question that can’t be answered in one word! There are multiple reasons people choose a vegetarian diet, whether it’s for religious, ethical or health reasons – or often after watching a tv documentary on meat showing the ‘scary’ side of it.   When it comes to […]

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It’s BBQ time!

It’s BBQ time!   So the sun has finally come out and everyone has rushed to the shops to buy charcoal and are fighting over the individually wrapped plastic cheese squares and the nearly out-of-date hotdog rolls that have been dropped 5 or 6 times.   Being the popular and social person that you are, […]

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Could Intermittent Fasting help you accelerate your results?

Fasting has been around forever, in some cases down to culture, but not too many years ago (before a time of supermarkets at every corner and more takeaway/ restaurants than fields), it was more of a necessity rather than a choice. So what is intermittent fasting? Let’s start with what it isn’t. It is not […]

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How To Burn Fat & Get Lean

Burn Fat & Get Lean “What would you like to achieve from exercise and nutrition?”  This is the first thing I ask anyone I have a nutrition consultation with; the answers vary in response but can always be summarised to: lose fat & get lean. In the journey  towards reaching this goal I have come […]

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The Big Fat Truth

The Big ‘Fat’ Truth Nutrition has and always will be one of the most controversial topics around, with leading highly qualified experts arguing for and against every single possible recommendation. With this in mind it is no surprise that people find it impossible to know what they should and should not eat. It is finally […]

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Go Fish

Go Fish This is a particularly fishy subject, which can float off into many directions (pardon the puns). Today, I will be explaining the nutritional side of things and trying to cover all the important questions about fish. Fish is a very important part of a healthy diet. Fish and other seafood are the major […]

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