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Being a Mum Requires Incredible Strength

Being a Mum Requires Incredible Strength Like many Mums in the modern world, I wear many hats in my day-to-day life and sometimes feel that my time and energy is stretched beyond belief. I run a business, I’m a single parent, I have a team of staff, family and friends to make time for, a […]

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Being a parent is HARD WORK…

Did you know Over the course of 18 years, the average mum spends…. 8,212 hours cooking (and washing up) for the family… She spends 5,867 hours washing the family’s clothes 11,038 hours cleaning and fixing things around the house 15,834 hours taking care of the kids themselves… A child needs a nappy change about 4,702 […]

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I HATE Exercise!!

Personally, my own dislike for exercise began at school. I have terrible memories of being made to run cross country; being an overweight kid made running really hard work and NOT fun in the slightest. Especially when your PE teacher is literally screaming at you, “Maxine, you are supposed to be RUNNING not WALKING – […]

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Want To See Results From Your Weight Loss Attempts?

10 Simple Steps To Weight Loss Success… Many people that come to Potential PT are pretty desperate to finally wave goodbye to stubborn fat. They have battled with their weight (sometimes for years), attempting slimming clubs, gyms, fitness apps, crash diets and crazy wonder pills. Some get results, maybe lose a few pounds but nothing […]

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Spring Has (Almost) Sprung…

I’m just too excited that my favourite time of year is coming around…   WE ARE MOVING OUTSIDE!!!   I know that to some of our newer clients, the idea of working out while being exposed to the elements and in plain sight of the general public, is probably going to cause some kind of […]

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