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Optional Added Extra my @?#!

Well today marks my second group session and for those of you that attend these sessions you know that Maxine likes to offer you “Optional Added Extras” during them. For those that don’t know, these are extra exercises that you can do during your rest periods in-between the standard exercises. And all I can say […]

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Bambi ‘aint got nothing on me…

This pretty much sums up the aftermath of my first session with Potential Personal Training, my legs are alllll over the shop. So Maxine arrived and we ran through the program, took all my measurements (gulp), and then gently *cough* put me through my paces in my front room. As I mentioned before I’ve recently […]

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“Why did this seem like a good idea again?”

“Why did this seem like a good idea again?” ….seems to be my over-riding thought at the moment. After I called Potential Personal Training and spoke to Maxine it all seemed incredibly easy, she’s great to talk to and I very quickly felt at ease. We chatted away about what I was looking for and […]

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The diary of a sofa surfing champion eater

“Oh god, I can’t lift my arms over my head.” This was the kind of greeting I’d been getting for a while. Every time I spoke to my friend Ed, whilst the area of pain varied from week to week, the theme remained: training with Potential = pain! The results however, speak for themselves, Ed’s […]

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