Amazing Body Transformations in SussexAt Potential we have created a non-intimidating and encouraging community of members and coaches that will make your training experience enjoyable and will support you to achieve long-lasting health and fitness results.

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Discover 10 tips to eliminate hunger cravings!

Tips and tricks that will help you control your cravings and stop you reaching for the biscuit tin, a chocolate bar, packet of crisps or a glass of wine.

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Why Choose Us ?

I Guarantee That If You Follow Our Tailored Programme, You Will Gain Incredible Body Transformation That Will Shock Your Friends And Family!!

We provide the easiest and fastest way to achieving dramatic results for our clients who have tried so many programmes in the past and failed; this is your chance to look in the mirror and like what you see!

Unlike over-crowded gyms that leave you to figure things out for yourself, our Coaches deliver your tailored, results-driven programme at our private studio environment, that focuses on giving you the life changing, body transformation that you have always dreamed of.

  • 1

    Non-intimidating and enjoyable training environment.



  • 2

    Professional, friendly and understandable Coaches.


  • 3

    Join a great ego-free community.


  • 4

    Long lasting Incredible results.



Meet Natalie

Do what Natalie did and start your amazing journey today!

“So far I have lost over 9.5 stone with Potential Personal Training!!

I know that I can trust them 100% to help me reach my target weight. I have more energy and an overall better sense of well being; it’s life changing! I thank Potential not only for helping me to achieve my weight loss but for educating, supporting and believing in me, because now for the first time in my life I believe in myself.”




Yes!! I want to take the first step and find out now the secrets to achieving my true Potential!

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

What We Do

What We Do

Yes, I Am Ready

Yes, I Am Ready

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