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“Bro, No Pain No Gain”
This is a great expression, however from hearing people using it in the gym and in daily life I feel they have misunderstood what the expression means and what we are thinking when we say it. So I decided to set everyone straight and come up with some examples to clarify for everyone.
“I just pulled my hamstring doing sprints but I will carry on – No Pain No Gain, right?”
Wrong!! This is not an example of when to push through. Carrying on training with an injury will put you out for longer, causing a loss of gains.
“There is one more set of this HIIT session and my lungs are burning; I want to stop but I am going to push through and give it some! No Pain No Gain, AROO!!”
Champion!! During a high intensity interval training session it is so easy to work at a lower pace as it is challenging, but don’t give in, keep that intensity high (especially in the last round) and you will get the most out of the session and feel amazing at the end.
“My back keeps arching doing leg raises but I won’t get stronger if I don’t work through them. No Pain No Gain”
Noooo!! Never work through an exercise with bad form; you will cause yourself an injury and as a result end up weaker and de-motivated. Instead stop and ask for a regression; doing this safely will build up to the harder versions comfortably so you can keep progressing, leading to stronger gains.
“We are doing 3 sets of 1-minute step ups – I always use 10 kgs and it’s easy. Now time to try 12. No Pain No Gain Bro”
Damn right. Challenge yourself; if you find you always reach for the same weight as it’s easy, then your body has already adapted to this and you will get little back as a result. As long as you don’t lose correct form then reach out of your comfort zone and try the next weight up; you can always lower them if you lose your form.
“I just got this new supplement to help burn fat faster but wow it makes me feel so sick, but No Pain No Gain”
AARGGH! Losing or gaining weight is a tough and challenging process and there is no quick fix, it takes hard work and dedication. Something that isn’t natural and has any side effects does not belong in your body and it may help with short-term gains, but at what long-term cost? With good nutrition and the right exercise you can achieve your goals and you will feel so much better knowing you did it yourself.
“This sled push is a killer; one more set though and let’s put the weight up and feel that burn. No Pain No Gain!”
BOOM! A burning sensation is noticeably different to an injury pain. Working that extra set and through the burn will indeed be the pain that will lead to that gain. Keep on pushing!
At Potential, we aren’t monsters; we don’t want you to hurt yourselves and work through or cause an injury. What we do want is for you to reach your maximum potential so you achieve your goals. This may be uncomfortable at times but at the end you will feel so amazing.
So train hard, train safe, and make some GAINZ.

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