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Apparently pregnancy drags and by the end of it women are desperate to get their little one out, but my pregnancy seems to be racing through! I can’t quite believe I am at week 27 already. Slow down, baby, I’m not ready to meet you just yet…
So apart from missing red wine and PPT weekly team workouts, I’m feeling pretty good on the whole. I’m not a fan of having to get up in the night for a pee though. Sophia and Maxine are on my case, “Pelvic floor exercises – do them now before it’s too late!” 😉
So let’s take a look at some of the exercises us pregnant women can do to keep fit, and hopefully reduce our labour time!
> Squats
Squatting is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for birth; they also help to prevent the dreaded back pain. As all you Mums know, the aches and pains of pregnancy are caused by the ligaments loosening due to the pesky pregnancy hormones, so go ahead and strengthen those ligaments!
It’s advised to not overdo it though; remember you are carrying a small person inside you so limit your squats to 5-8 a day and try and include them in your daily routine.
Check out this video on how to squat during pregnancy
> Swimming
Swimming is amazing and the best way to enjoy not feeling like a beached whale… until you go to climb out of the pool – ouch, it hurts! Then you suddenly remember – my God, there is a tiny human being inside you!
I love swimming, not just for the weightless feeling but the fact that it improves circulation and increases muscle tone. As long as you don’t sit in a hot tub, swimming is a great way to stop you from overheating and the water supports those aching joints, preventing injury. It’s also a great way to guarantee a good night’s sleep; we all know how hard it is sleeping when you are restricted to lying only one side!
Don’t forget to stay hydrated when swimming though – it is easy to forget, being surrounded by all that water!
> Walking
I’m lucky enough to have a little dog called Stevie who makes me take him out for long walks every day; if you don’t have a dog I suggest you borrow one! Walking is a gentle way to keep fit without damaging your knees with all that extra baby weight you are now carrying. You can push yourself to do a 15-20 minute brisk walk every day but be careful and stick to flat surfaces as you don’t want to trip over, as your balance is not what it used to be. Never walk too fast so that you become breathless, as you don’t want your body to use oxygen that should be going to your baby.
I do get the urge to run really fast in a open field – a bit weird I know, but I just miss having that freedom, I even considered signing up to the Brighton Half Marathon next year but I don’t think I am going to be able to squeeze the training in around feeding and being totally exhausted from having no sleep!
The Fourth Trimester – Getting Your Body Back Into Shape
After giving birth, no core exercise for at least two months! Let your body rest; it has just been through a massive ordeal and you need to allow time for your stomach muscles to join back together. It’s best to start gradually and join the Enlighten PPT classes, then move on to the small or large groups as you get stronger. Once you get stronger, why not try our Core Power Hour session on a Tuesday at 5.30pm – this session has been especially created to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles, both of which will be high on your list after your little one has made their way into the world!
Lauren has recently completed a course in Pre and Post Natal so she is now my answer to getting rid of the baby belly! If you are pregnant, or have recently had a baby and are looking to get back in to shape, don’t hesitate to contact Lauren and book yourself in for a chat moc.g1716600845ninia1716600845rtlan1716600845osrep1716600845laitn1716600845etop@1716600845nerua1716600845l1716600845
Before you start any form of exercise regime when pregnant, make sure you book an appointment with your doctor or midwife to double check it is safe for you to do so, as every pregnancy is different. The most important thing to do is listen to your body and if any of these exercises hurt you then stop.
I look forward to updating you on my pregnancy journey in the weeks to come!

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