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Yoga takes you into the present moment
The only place where life exists

When did you last let your mind take a break from the crazy life you lead?
I wouldn’t call myself a Yoga pro but I know a fair bit. I started Yoga 5 years ago when I started suffering from anxiety, mainly due to my stressful job! Since I started working at PPT, I have been able to take a break from the computer screen during my working day and do an hours’ worth of Yoga – my eyes love it!
So let me start by telling you what Yoga has taught me and hopefully this will encourage you to give it a go!
Have you ever stopped and listened to your breathing? Try it now – you feel stupid don’t you? But did you know that by taking the time to breathe in slowly it increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and to your main organs including the brain, which increases your energy levels?
Go ahead and purify your blood stream.
I spend a large chunk of my working day sitting in front of a computer, and have suffered with some back pain in the past, so another benefit is that Yoga helps to strengthen my core and lengthens the spine. In fact I seem to have grown by ½ an inch over the last 6 months (every little helps when you’re only 5’2”!). The spine and core are really important and should be looked after, as they are the strength and stability that your body relies upon to function.
Many people exercise to stay healthy or keep fit, but when asked, not many people will mention flexibility, however it’s a key factor in maintaining your health and avoiding injury. Yoga has helped me to improve my flexibility; when I started I couldn’t touch my toes, but after just a few sessions I can now do this with ease. A lot of the stretches in Yoga help you to target major muscle groups, which can remain tight during prolonged periods of seated work.
I’m not going to lie, if I ever feel a bit stressed out or anxious I might just pop to the loo and practice a couple Yoga poses to chill me out and bring me back to reality. 🙂
At PPT we offer 4 different types of Yoga classes:
Yoga Light which is for beginners and is a gentle way to ease you in, teaching you all the basic Yoga poses.
Yoga Strong for the more advanced challenging classes.
Power Yoga which is a more fitness-based Yoga intended to challenge each participant, and…
• BRAND NEW Yoga Tranquillity, a mixture of Meditation and Yoga. I highly recommend giving Tranquillity a go although I can’t promise you won’t doze off for a couple of minutes!
To find out more about the programmes we offer, including yoga, click here or call the office on 01444 484129.

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