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Exactly 2 years ago I was a newly qualified personal trainer, a single parent on benefits that had no idea on how to run a business, and had just lost more than 6 stone. People that had always known me as a big girl started to ask me “How did you do it?” and “Can you help me?”.
My very good friend Aimee, owner of Chealls Hairdressers in Haywards Heath, whom had never done an ounce of exercise in her life (unless you count when she hadn’t “forgotten” her PE kit) struck a deal with me…a deal that changed my life forever.
We decided that in return for free treatments at her salon I would train her and business partner Nadine on Lindfield Common twice a week. The first time we stepped onto the common the heavens opened, I was totally unexperienced in training outside of a gym environment (I did all of my training in a 5* hotel gym) and I put the girls through some serious pain. Slowly as the weeks went on and the weather brightened up and I became more confident in myself as an outdoor instructor, the girls got stronger and started to almost enjoy their workouts.
Then something unexpected happened……people started to ask if they could come along! It started with my step sister and her friend, then my mum (I know, so far not so impressive), but then came the actual paying clients. By June I was running 2 sessions a week that had at its busiest had 30 people turn up!!
Now Potential PT run 8 large group sessions, more than 35 small group sessions and 40 personal training sessions every week!!
The reason people responded so well? Because they saw us out there doing it, on a beautiful summers evening, having fun, all shapes and sizes, and they wanted to be part of this group.
Potential Personal Training and Group Fitness was born July 2012.
You just can’t beat the feeling of being outside in such beautiful surroundings as Lindfield, with like minded, easy going people. You get a real sense of achievement from exercising outdoors and in a world full of stress and pressure to join the gym, something like PPT outdoor sessions were a breath of fresh air for local residents.

Not Convinced?

Think about the feeling that we have all been getting recently when we get a day that isn’t pouring with rain and blowing a gale? People are making the most of a dry day and getting out there and it feels great! Whether it be going out on your bike or for a walk with the dog, or think about that feeling you get when you light the bbq for the first time of the year, a total feeling of stress relief and happiness. Now imagine how proud of yourself you would feel if you plucked up the courage to go outside and exercise!

What Are The Benefits?

Vitamin D Intake: Vitamin D exposure is linked to preventing cancer, balancing hormone issues, reducing obesity and inflammation and strengthening the immune system. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t encouraging you all to bask in the sunshine all day, but an hour in the sunshine in the morning or evening with a good SPF protection can be great for health.
Better Sleep: We have evolved for thousands of years using the sun to control our body clock. Now we stay up late and sometime wake far too early. Getting out can be great for our body’s natural body clock and we all know how important sleep is for health and weight loss!
Give Us A Break: When was the last time that you took an hour’s break from facebook, or your IPhone? Joining PPT at our outdoor sessions forces you to leave the rest of the world behind and truly unwind with no distractions. If you sit in front of a computer all day or are addicted to texting, exercising outdoors gives you a break from modern technology….no one can contact you!
You Get More Out Of It: It is a fact that you burn more calories working out in a natural environment. environmental factors such as the sun or wind can add that extra element to you workout, and make it far more natural. Changes in terrain will also utilise more muscles, thus making your workout more challenging and burning more calories. If we are going to have an hour’s exercise we might as well get maximum benefits from it!!
Break The Mould: Many of our clients are apprehensive about being exposed to the public whilst exercising, that’s totally normal. Within a few minutes of turning up and seeing the massive variations in age, size and ability that we have in our sessions, plus the warm and friendly atmosphere that we have created with our members, you soon forget any apprehensions and throw yourself into it! Your newly found confidence then opens new doors, maybe it isn’t so scary to go out for a little jog or jump on your bike with the kids and get some extra exercise into your lifestyle…..
Let’s Get Functional! Whilst gym machines can be great, many aren’t true to the daily functions and movements that we carry out. Weights machines isolate muscle groups and these movements are not true to what we do day to day. Exercising outdoors practices basic human function, which results in better movement in our daily life not just in the gym.
It’s Fun….Honestly: Potential PT Group Training is really good fun, we don’t take ourselves to seriously, but we are serious about getting results!! It is vital that you enjoy your workouts so that you continue to attend. Some of our members have made great friends within the groups as we are all like minded people, it then becomes an activity that is very sociable rather than feeling isolated.
It Makes Me Happy: Outdoor exercise reduces the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression. Studies have shown that greater revitalisation, increased energy levels and decreased tension and anger are a direct result of regular outdoor activity. We constantly tell ourselves that we aren’t achieving or doing what we are “supposed ” to do, the feeling of pride in yourself for getting outside and taking part in exercise is great for self esteem and motivation to achieve your goals!!
So peal yourself away from the sofa, pick up the phone and call Potential PT for your FREE, no obligation consultation and come and join the Body Back Bootcamp revolution!! Come and join the exercise revolution, make new supportive friends and get fantastic body changing results faster than any other method!

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