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Personally, my own dislike for exercise began at school.
I have terrible memories of being made to run cross country; being an overweight kid made running really hard work and NOT fun in the slightest. Especially when your PE teacher is literally screaming at you, “Maxine, you are supposed to be RUNNING not WALKING – pick up the pace or extra laps for the whole class!”
The super sporty kids had their time to shine.
Me, on the other hand, I would do everything I could to avoid P.E.
I would forget my kit…and be made to do it in my underwear or mismatched stinky kit from the lost property box.
I would fake injury and you could always guarantee that I would be ‘ill’ on sports day.
Then when I reached adult life, the pressure to lose weight got greater.
I can remember going along to a big box gym-run exercise class that was packed full of lycra-clad ladies, and feeling like a total lemon standing at the back while the super-fit strutted their stuff at the front.
You had no idea what you were doing and got zero support from the instructor, which was actually really intimidating for some.
(This was my inspiration when I created our large group training programme; I wanted to provide a friendly, supportive environment that gave individual attention to each person in attendance.)
Then I tried the gym. It was busy, so I had to queue to get on any machines.
When I finally got on an exercise bike I could see a lovely sweaty imprint left on the seat by the chap who was on there before me. Gross.
There was a long line of beautified young girls taking a casual stroll on the treadmill, making sure that not a hair was out of place.
And then of course there was the ridiculous grunting coming from the weights corner as the cool guys were trying to see who could do the best bicep curl in the mirror.
My next great idea was to start jogging. You know that expression, “Don’t run before you can walk”? Well, that was me.
I thought I was going to pass out and had to hobble back to my house (very red-faced) gasping for breath.
So it’s safe to say that I had adopted a strong hatred for exercise over the years.
The only form of exercise that has ever worked for me has been when I have found an environment that I feel comfortable in; where I don’t feel like people are staring at me, and where I have been able to go at my own pace from the beginning.
Most of you will know that back in 2008 I lost 38kg (6 stone). I joined a small village gym that was run by a charity, with a lovely group of people and a trainer who took the time to get to know me and tailor my programme.
For the first time I had found something that not only I could stick to… I LOVED it.
In fact, I HATED missing a workout.
It’s all about the support of a good coach and a great community.
It’s about finding what works for you.
So here are my top tips to finally start making exercise an integral and fun part of your life!
TIP #1: Get a workout buddy – you can motivate each other and be held accountable!
TIP #2: Experiment – make sure you add variety to your programme; try new things until you find what works.
TIP #3: Make a playlist – put together a playlist of all your favourite upbeat songs that will motivate you and give you something to focus on.
TIP #4: Get active – exercise doesn’t always have to be in the gym or at a class. Get outside and walk or go for a bike ride, just do something!
TIP #5: Track Your Progress – exercise becomes a hell of a lot better once you start seeing results in the way you look and feel.
TIP #6: Set simple challenges – so, you can only hold a plank for 5 seconds right now? Make it your mission to hold it for 30. Once you can do this imagine how proud you will feel!
TIP #7: Start off slowly – DO NOT try to run a Marathon on your first workout (it won’t end well). Instead, start in your comfort zone and start pushing yourself to exceed your current capabilities. We all have to start somewhere!
TIP #8: Short Workouts – 15-30 minutes is a lot better than nothing. You can always choose to make your workouts longer as your fitness levels increase.
TIP #9: Find a hobby – play tennis, go swimming, start a martial arts class, or think of something else you could take up that’s fun and active. You will get a lot more out of it than you think!
TIP #10: Set goals that excite you – if the thought of wearing a bikini with confidence seems like a million miles away but it’s what you truly want, then don’t be held back by your own self-doubt. Could you imagine the feeling of stepping onto the beach with confidence? Pretty amazing! Every single time you work out you are taking yourself one step closer to your goals!
I hope this helps you in some way.
Coming from the experience of hating exercise for most of my life, to now WANTING to work out, I am proof that it is possible!
And trust me, if I can do then ANYBODY can.
It’s now time to stop making excuses and start finding something that is right for you. Just because you haven’t found something yet, isn’t to say there isn’t something just around the corner.
Start with finding out a little more about WHAT WE DO and WHY WE DO IT.
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