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Gone are the days when you are able to drink beer and eat takeaways, then play sport a few times a week and still maintain a lean physique.

Nowadays you struggle to walk from the sofa to the fridge without getting out of breath, your belt is running out of notches, and your stress levels are through the roof.

If you lie awake at night and worry about your health, either right now or in the future, then one thing I can tell you is you are not alone and NOW is the time to do something about it.

Then it won’t keep you awake at night and your sleep will improve!

Looking like an Adonis is not necessarily a realistic or desirable physique for most guys, although most wouldn’t turn it down if it required slightly less hard work…

“The whole ‘Dad Bod’ thing becoming popular recently is a great thing for normal (more cuddly) guys, but at the same time promotes an unhealthy body.”

Yeah, it’s great that your growing belly and moobs (man boobs) are now considered more desirable than you once thought, but do you feel any better about your physique right now?

That lovely pillow of fat that she now loves to snuggle up to is in fact a deadly tyre of visceral fat that loves to cosy up to your internal organs and put you at a far greater risk of all the nasty conditions you DON’T want to hear about from your doctor.

After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts when it comes to relationships.

But it’s what’s on both the inside AND the outside that counts when it comes to your health, and increasing your chances of leading a long and happy life.

I have helped a lot of guys between the age of 30-50 get back into shape, achieve a balanced work/life ratio, and find a programme that they can easily commit to on a long-term basis.

This is what I know about the typical ‘Dad Bod’ guy that we want to help in the same way that we have helped so many already.

Here you can download my Top Tips to Lose the DAD BOD and get back into shape for good!unnamed

If any of this sounds familiar, then you are exactly the guy we are looking to help:

  • Probably some form of sporting background like school sports teams, hobbies or interests that you used to enjoy.
  • Some old injuries that come from either sport, a sedentary life or being a drunken idiot.
  • Professional guy who is extremely busy and under a lot of pressure, which can often lead to stress.
  • Always kept in reasonable shape; could eat pretty much whatever you wanted because you were active. Recently you have noticed that your belly is getting bigger and you aren’t as toned as you used to be.
  • Partner/wife, house, mortgage, bills, maybe children.
  • Lack of time means you grab food on the go, a latte for breakfast and often leave huge gaps between meals.
  • Feeling out of shape and gaining weight, especially around the middle!
  • Struggles to find a programme that will motivate them and hold them accountable to turn up.
  • Loves a drink at the weekends…. Wednesday is the weekend, right?
  • Eats out a lot and is partial to a takeaway on a regular basis.
  • Concerned about current health and in the future, but has no idea how to change current habits.
  • Lack of time requires a timetable that is totally flexible, at unsociable times of day and weekends, and supports those that frequently travel or have other commitments that pull them away.

This isn’t a hard situation to get out of, in fact we find that our clients absolutely love the entire experience and don’t perceive it as a chore.

It starts with as little as two hours a week dedicated to your health and I want to help you get started.

Please Don’t Forget That I Have Created A Free Download Especially For Those Of You That Can Relate In Some Way With What I Am Saying!!

CLICK HERE To Get My Top Tips to Lose the DAD BOD and get back into shape for good!

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