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So another year starts and unfortunately, I have totally fallen victim to ‘life’.
I’ve spent way too much time working and not enough time focusing on my own health.
In 2014 I successfully ran 2 huge community events, hired 6 new members of staff, moved into a premises 10 times the size of our first studio and more than tripled in size as a Health & Fitness Service. I have tried to achieve all of this while maintaining some form of social life and time with my son.
I’ve all but given up on any form of consistency in all areas of my life, as much as I preach to other people about how to improve their health…I have somehow sacrificed my own!
Many of you reading this would have set yourself some type of goal that you wish to achieve in 2015. No matter how big or small it is, challenging yourself is an important part of learning just what you are truly capable of!
The difference with me (and many others) is that I know that to a certain extent, if I set my mind to something, I can do it.
I’m quite an extreme person, when I did the weight loss thing I really got into it… I’m sure you can all see now!
Building the business has been my biggest challenge, of course alongside raising my son Joey and all that comes with being a parent. Although I have somehow managed to juggle everything the majority of the time, it has left utter destruction on my life. But building this business was my dream, and with the help of the incredible people around me, awesome staff and the best clients, I often have to pinch myself that I am so fortunate.
What I need now though is a little balance…a little less crazy and an ability to maintain good habits throughout the whole of 2015. Nothing too drastic, just consistent fitness, nutrition, relaxation and social time to balance out all the working time 🙂
I’m also going to set myself small challenges or goals each month for the entire year, these will support my long term goal and have a positive effect on my health and fitness.
To kick off the year in January I am starting with my first mini challenge that I am sure many of you will also be attempting.
January 2015 Challenge: No Alcohol
February 2015 Challenge:……..??? YOU DECIDE!!!
Each month I am going to keep you updated on my journey, as I attempt a different personal challenge each month and maintain a non-drastic, diet-free, healthy & happy lifestyle…Despite how busy or stressed I am!
Would you like to have your say when it comes to my monthly challenges throughout 2015?
Send in your ideas to us at moc.g1716603473ninia1716603473rtlan1716603473osrep1716603473laitn1716603473etop@1716603473ofni1716603473, the PPT team will select a winner each month and then my progress will be documented through our social media channels and my blogs.
Facebook: /potentialpt
Twitter: @PotentialPT
I wish you all well with your own goals for 2015, lets make this the year that we stick to it. Remember, if you are feeling like you want to give up and you haven’t yet hired the support of an expert then pick up the phone to PPT 01444 484129 or CLICK HERE!!

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