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By September 1, 2013No Comments

Recently a lot of ‘amazing’ weight loss ads seem to be popping up on my Facebook feed, claiming that these people have lost 3 stone in 4 weeks,  accompanied by an even more incredible transformation picture. If these pictures are real, then they are amazing results, but how have they been achieved in such a small space of time? We all want a quick fix and get drawn into it, you click on that picture even if it’s just to see if it’s real. The worrying thing is that they are targeting a certain type of person, people that want to get those results but don’t know how they can do it………and they want it to be fast. This form of weight loss isn’t in anyway good for you, and all of Potential PT’s clients know this, but do others reading these posts understand this? Each one of our members put in the hard work, make sustainable lifestyle changes and commit 100% to our program to achieve their fitness goals and then maintain them for a lifetime. It would be irresponsible for us to pull in clients by promising them that they can reach such huge weight loss in only 4 weeks, it’s our job to educate people not lie to them.
Really interestingly the awesome Pete Cohen “Weight Loss Guru”  shared a post about a Personal Trainer called Mel who did her own 15 minute “Transformation” photo. Using just a few camera tricks she managed to create amazing before and after shots and exposing just how easy it is  to have us all fooled.
These tranformation pictures look great,  now  Check this out to see how Mel did it.


Now I hope that everyone that see’s this is feeling a little better about themselves, I am by no means saying that all of  these Facebook posts aren’t real, but are they fair to show to people who will believe that they will also see this transformation?  When I was overweight, there was a reason for it, I liked to eat a lot of the wrong foods and did not like to move very much. I wanted nothing more than to be thin, but seeing as I wasn’t prepared to make any of the necessary changes I would seek any quick fix available. At the time I was very impressionable, I would have bought into these ads in the same way that I’m sure many others will too.  At Potential Personal Training we  get that transformation, but the difference is we set realistic and achievable goals, that increase your health and implement lifelong changes. The truth is there is no quick fix, it takes time to gain weight and decrease health so we have to expect that it will be the same in reverse.
One of the joys of my job is watching how people grow into stronger happier people as they start achieving their goals. All of a sudden the hard work starts to pay off and they appreciate the results all the more because it is by no means easy…….but it is worth it.

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