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By September 25, 2013No Comments

There has been a definite running theme in my life over the last 5 years which has been highlighted 10 fold over what has to be the craziest 2 weeks of my life. FEAR, overcoming it, facing it and trying to inspire others to do the same. Fear is something that we face on a daily basis, but it’s how you deal with it that determines the path your life will take and the person that you will become.
Sometimes the thought of “what if” can prevent you from achieving in life and growing as a person, if we always thought about the “what ifs” then we would all sit in our comfortable little bubble and never move beyond it. I am literally scared of everything, although I seem confident on the outside I constantly have to fight my demons, put them to the back of my mind and challenge myself to face my fears whatever they may be. I’ve learnt that the times that I have let fear get the better of me, have only left me with regret and that is a feeling that won’t go away…..Fear goes away!
So many people sit around complaining about what they don’t have or what they don’t like about their life, but never seem willing to make the jump to install change.
2 weeks ago I found out that I would be presenting on stage to a room full of fitness business owners, keynote speakers and the leaders in my industry. Basically everyone that I look up to! My first reaction was to crawl into a hole and hide, but there was another part of me that realised the honour that had been presented to me, a chance to tell my story and maybe even inspire others.
I didn’t realise until I arrived at the event that the single biggest fear that people have is public speaking (this did not help my nerves). The first 15 minute presentation was an educational case study, designed to inspire and help others that may have been in the same circumstances that I have once found myself. The theme? Ironically, Overcoming fear. The second presentation was my shot as a finalist for the “Member of the Year” award, another 15 minutes on stage. Fortunately I had prepared well for both of my presentations and spent the first 2 days of the conference in my hotel room practising in front of the mirror, I put in the hard work.
I never went there to win, only to get through it and for people to accept both presentations as credible efforts for a newbie. Amazingly I walked away the winner, I had gone from somebody that had never won anything in my life, nor attempted public speaking (unless you count bootcamps), to a girl holding an award on stage!
It got me thinking, what if I had let my fear get the better of me and turned down the opportunity? I never would have known what I was able to achieve. And it’s the same with your fitness program. What if you thought it was easier to sit on the sofa watching TV? Then you will never know what could have been.
Yes, starting a program can be scary, but doesn’t the end result far out weigh overcoming a little bit of fear? Of course it does!
Clients say to me;
I’m worried that I will be the biggest/eldest/most unfit.
Trust me you won’t, and so what if you are? You are there to do something about your health and change your life, you are leading by example to which others will follow and maybe one day you will inspire people to achieve what you have.
I want you to all think about something that you have a burning desire to do but have never accomplished because of fear, tell us what that is and let us help you to achieve it, no matter how big the dream is it has to start somewhere. But one place it won’t start from is the sofa!
Potential PT are here to help you overcome your fears and make the journey to your best body as easy and enjoyable as possible. To find out more about how we can help you to reach your goals register for your FREE Consultation or call 01444 484129.

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