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By August 16, 2013No Comments

More and more often we are spending money on the way that we look, I don’t have a single friend that doesn’t invest part of their income on some kind of cosmetic treatment. Whether it be having their nails done, a trip to a beauty salon or spa, an unused gym membership, tanning, shopping, cosmetics…..the list is endless.
The surprising thing is how little some people are willing to invest in the important parts of their health, such as cardiovascular fitness, mental health, lung function, joint mobility, stress relief and diet. After all, if you pay all this money to look good it means nothing if you continue to neglect your health…………because one day you won’t have any of it.
People inquire about the cost of a fitness program and a lot of them think it seems expensive, but the real question is how much value does your health hold to you?
We don’t think twice about spending £50 plus on a night out drinking alcohol (which although it can be fun, isn’t going to benefit your health), or maybe the odd £5 per day on snacks at the local shop which soon adds up, cigarettes, takeaways, I could go on.
I challenge you now to calculate how much money you would spend on average per month on things that do not benefit your health……got the answer? I bet you are shocked with yourself!
So if you are serious about achieving success with your health and fitness goals, you need to be willing to give up a few of these expenses to fit your budget around a new training program.
Naturally taking on a new program will result in a reduction of the money spent on the unhealthy stuff, I would like to think that you would skip the evening kebab if you have just endured a grooling exercise session!
I’d also urge you to add up the cost of every health venture that you have tried in the past. Maybe a few months at a weight loss club, a year at a gym, maybe some meal replacement shakes or a few workouts with a personal trainer. Again, add everything up and see how much money you have already spent, wouldn’t you prefer to find something that actually works rather than wasting your money on a quick fix?
If you want to improve your health don’t be half hearted about it, otherwise you are wasting your money and your time. Make sure you are 100% committed and understand the value of looking after yourself, then the cost won’t seem like a huge expense but an investment into your future.

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