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By September 28, 2013No Comments

I think I’ll start this post with the most obvious change that’s happening – I’m writing a BLOG?!?!?!
Alone that is a huge deal, as I am the type of person who often thinks ‘Oh I couldn’t do that…’. Unfortunately this is a common thought for many of us and probably even more common when it comes to our thoughts about exercising and diets.
I’ve always been relatively into my fitness, I’ve attended so many different group exercise sessions at gyms all around West Sussex that I’ve lost count. I even spent a month or so trying Personal Training at one point. For one reason or another they haven’t worked out in the long run. Then a friend pointed me in Maxine’s direction, at first I did wonder if this was really going to be for me… Firstly it was outdoors on Lindfield Common, and its cold outdoors. Secondly I’d been so used to exercising with the constant noise of the bass from the gym sound system that I thought I’d be bored without music to get me through a session….
I couldn’t have been more wrong. In the 5 months I’ve been with Potential PT not only have I seen more of a change to my body and fitness than years of gyming alone had ever done but I’ve also realised how much fun it is to have the social aspect included in a workout and surprisingly CHEESY DANCE MUSIC ISNT ACTUALLY NECCESARY FOR FITNESS!!
I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that change throws us all off course, but maybe in some instances that’s just what you need, as you may have been struggling on the wrong course for a long time… It’s scary but worthwhile and you might surprise yourself with the results you see.
The best thing about change is that once you make a conscious decision to change one aspect of your life, in my case my health and fitness regime, all these other changes start to happen without you even realising.
I suddenly find myself sleeping so much better, my work ethic and energy has gone up by miles and my confidence has improved. I’d like to say that this confidence isn’t down to any weight loss but due to the fact that I’m feeling fitter and healthier and stronger as a person. I’ve also started for the first time in my life to eat like a grown up. I was the biggest lover of oven food, take-aways, crisps and chocolate. Anything which was a quick easy fix for hunger was perfect for me. But now I’ve discovered that good nutrition doesn’t just mean eating a bowl of plain salad leaves…. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy the odd take-away on occasion and probably over-indulge when it comes to the vino! But I do so in a way where it doesn’t feel like a problem anymore. I don’t feel guilty about the way I eat as by the end of a week of work, 3 group exercise sessions and a few home cooked meals I’ve earnt my bottle!!
I mean the other day I even made soup!! *She says as she throws the chicken nuggets and oven chips in the bin*
If you are on the fence about starting a fitness program with Potential PT then give us a call on 01444 484129 (you may even get to speak to their super awesome Administrative Assistant) or Register for a FREE Consultation. Come in and have a chat about your goals and see how we can get you in the best shape of your life in no time….and you may even enjoy it a little bit! Just don’t tell the trainers….

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