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Nemesis… Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

By January 15, 2015One Comment

Nemesis in Greek mythology is the goddess of revenge and is described as the remorseless goddess… one thing is for certain, you WILL be wanting revenge on me at the end of the session! These sessions are designed to push you to your limit, both physically and mentally.
Who is this for? If you’ve reached a plateau in your training or are just looking for something to push your body that little bit further then this is for you, but don’t be fooled it is not for the faint hearted.
Each session will be different to avoid the sessions becoming tedious; if you want to do well and sustain your health and fitness journey you need to be able to enjoy the training. Most of these sessions will involve a compound movement or strength movement with accessory exercises, this in return will increase strength and over time you will find you are able to lift more weight but safely and with good technique.
The rest of the session will involve many different methods of training, all of which will lead to you being able to master bodyweight exercises and barbell exercises. Put simply you’ll be able to push more, pull harder, jump higher and move faster for longer! This will be achieved using a variety of different methods – plyometrics, circuit training, H.I.I.T., aerobic conditioning, isometric holds and much, much more.
That’s what you’ll be doing physically, but mentally you will learn how to push yourself to new realms! When you want to stop moving because your muscles hurt and you can’t breathe, being able to tell yourself to keep going is a hard skill to learn… but over time you’ll BECOME COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE! That was a saying that one of my coaches used when doing strength and conditioning which I still use as one of my main inspirations when training now.
All the coaches I’ve worked with have been extremely good at pushing me to my absolute limit and further and I like to think I have learnt from them and are able to use that whilst teaching Nemesis.
My karate coach wouldn’t let us stop until we were the best in the country… once we were, it got even harder because we had to stay the best. In every session I found myself laying breathless in a pool of sweat and then he would pick you up and make you do it all again!
My level 2 coach was ex-military and was a perfectionist, who had a zero tolerance approach to technique performing exercises and anything less than perfect wasn’t good enough, he also had a zero tolerance approach to excuses during a fitness session which we learnt the hard way every Monday and Friday morning.
Another person I believe I’ve learnt from is my rugby coach (also ex-military) who just doesn’t stop shouting and when you’re at that point when you want to stop, his voice manages to give you a kick up the backside to get you moving again, one of his favourites is:
“If you can’t sprint then run, if you can’t run then jog, if you can’t jog then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl and well if you can’t crawl then you’ve worked hard enough!”
What are the benefits of these intense sessions?

  • Decreasing Body Fat
  • Increasing Strength
  • Improving Athletic Performance
  • Being Physically Stronger You Limit Chance of Injury, Back Pain and Arthritis
  • Lower The Risk of Diabetes
  • Improve Attitude and Fight Depression
  • Lower The Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Improve Your Heart and Cardiovascular System
  • Improve Self-Confidence and Most Importantly Have Fun While Doing It!

What’s better is the people around you in the session will help you to push yourself further. It’s easy to cheat in a regular gym, by doing less on the treadmill or dropping the weight on a machine, but in these sessions there will be no cheating!
The friendly atmosphere is sure to rub off on everyone and help you to achieve your own individual goals. So if you think you’re ready for Nemesis we look forward to seeing you at our next session!
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  • Stuart Poole says:

    Connor I must agree your Nemesis sessions are a killer and drive me to the edge of what feels like my life! However its a perfect tonic after a long working week as it sets you up both physically and mentally for the weekend ahead!!!!!!!!!!

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