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"I Jiggle Therefore I Am…"

By January 28, 2015No Comments

Many of you may have seen the video I want to talk about in this week’s blog.
It has been shown on TV and shared on various Social Media sites. It has also been a big favourite of ours in the Potential PT Offices.
For those of you who haven’t yet seen it check it out…
‘This Girl Can!’
It is a fantastic and empowering video showcasing women of all shapes, sizes and ages working out… HARD!!
It reminded me immediately of the fitness sessions I see going on at PPT on a daily basis. This is what we are about, getting stuck in, getting sweaty and having fun!
A group of people varying in age, size, fitness ability all coming together to work out. And when I say work out I mean REALLY Work Out, these guys don’t do anything by halves.
Day after day people come in to the studio and push themselves to their own personal limit. But you can guarantee one thing – they are having fun while doing it.
I can’t help but admire the fact that this video encourages that exact same ethic of working out to YOUR full potential.
Not all of the girls/women featured are particularly athletic or slim. I mean this in no disrespect whatsoever! But unlike a lot of what you see in the media IT’S REAL – when was the last time you were in the gym or attending a fitness session which resembled the ‘Call On Me’ Video… Yeah me too, NEVER!
It is a nice change to see real women, sweating their a#@$ off yet looking (for lack of a better word) bloody HOT!
My favourite line in this video has to be ‘I Jiggle Therefore I am!’ and there is 1 reason why.
For those of you who attend any sessions at PPT you are aware of one of our favourite cardio exercises – The Fast Feet. Now this exercise has been renamed a few times, it could be known as ‘The Tina Turner’ or ‘Proud Mary’, ‘The Booty Shaker’ or as I and many others have named it ‘That exercise that makes EVERY SINGLE BIT of your body jiggle!’
Now however uncomfortable this may initially make you feel, there is nothing quite as funny as catching someone’s eye across the room and having the unspoken conversation of ‘Yep every single part of me is wobbling – how about you?’ and then comes the laughter.
So as the video says next time you are ‘Sweating Like a Pig’ yet ‘Feeling Like a Fox’ you can just turn around and say ‘Damn Right I Look Hot!!!!’ In every sense of the word…
Do You Feel Like You Just Need That Final Push To Get Up From The Sofa And Take Control Of Your Life And Your Health Once and For all? Or Maybe Your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions Are A Distant Memory Already?
This Video Is Exactly The Inspiration That You Need To Take That Courageous First Step in securing your happy and healthy future. So put your feet up for the next 90 seconds and watch the video. I want you to ask yourself  “If  That Girl Can Do It, Then Why Can’t I?”
And then I want you to pick up the phone and call the PPT Team on 01444 484129 or CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP!!
Just think to yourself, “This Girl Can”.

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