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Why I Disagree With New Year’s Resolutions.

By December 18, 2014No Comments

It’s that time of year again…..January, the one month of the year I quit the gym. Why? Because for 4-6 weeks it is full of people who don’t actually want to work out but feel like they should as they ate too much over Christmas and can update their Facebook status to “New Year’s resolution! In the gym #NewyearNewlife #YOLO”
Why does the 1st of January have to be the start of something new? Why is it “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start on Monday”? These kinds of excuses tend to mean you will fail. If you want to change your health and well being, what is wrong with today?
People presume that if they start exercising and eating a well balanced diet they will never be allowed that slice of cake EVER AGAIN, so they eat a whole cake, a tub of ice cream and three Big Macs before “tomorrow” just in case. This is just ridiculous and will set you up to fail.
A lot of resolutions are unrealistic, such as “lose weight”. Does that mean if by July you have lost 1lb you have succeeded? I think you might be slightly disappointed if this is the case.
If you are going to make a New Year’s resolution, choose one thing and make sure it follows the S.M.A.R.T principle- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and has a Time limit. For example; someone who is overweight, a good goal might be to join a local fitness centre and lose 10lbs by 1st of March. This follows the S.M.A.R.T principle. If you over complicate or try and stop 5 things this New Year then it will be too much pressure. Start off with just one thing and once you feel strong enough maybe try to stop another.
Just 8% of people will achieve their New Year’s resolutions and stick to it, one slight hiccup and most people fall off the wagon and let it roll on by rather than stand up brush themselves off and jump back on before it’s completely gone.
Only you know when you are ready to make the change in your life. If you put too much pressure on yourself and fail, then you become discouraged and may end up doing more harm than good. Find something you enjoy or try something new, you never know you might actually enjoy it and continue with it.
This year at Potential we decided to scrap New Years Resolutions and instead have introduced the New Years Revolution. Dont get me wrong, anyone who starts a programme in January is not automatically set up to fail. If anything we have so many committed members who started with us this time last year.
But this year what we want you to consider are those S.M.A.R.T principles. The changes you make and the programmes you join need to be ongoing. It is a lifestyle change you quite often need rather than a quick fix.
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