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By November 24, 2013No Comments

After weeks of back to back work and study I thought of when I last completed a full workout. Hmmm quite a number of weeks apparently, and with many ‘active’ courses approaching I began to wonder if I would remotely be able to hold my own or if I’d be making others in the class wonder what an earth I was doing there because obviously, as a trainer, I have to be the best of the best – Or so my tutor informed me!
Whilst at my ViPR training the warm up alone left me in an exhausted puddle of sweat but I remembered how much I LOVE feeling like that. How much my mind can override my body and push through any burn or pain. 7 hours later and obviously physically drained I was on an emotional high. Partly down to an excess of endorphins no doubt but also despite my de-conditioned state, I succeeded in completing the day.
I’m learning so much about the human body, way more than I ever thought I would and it truly is an amazing thing. Yes of course we all have our limits and believe me at the moment so do I, but the sense of achievement I have from pushing myself and seeing how much I can accomplish is invaluable.
It is probably what gives me the best sense of pleasure working for Potential Personal training, seeing each and everyone of you progress and push yourself to new limits. I know for me I made the biggest progress when I had the lovely Maxine Hayes keep a close eye on me, I had a tendency to cheat in large group sessions, but what that did was give me the tools confidence to believe in myself and motivate myself outside of my comfort zone.
So as I’m sitting at the desk at Potential Personal Training negotiating word and excel Maxine asks me to take her through a workout. Suddenly I feel like a client again and it seems like the strangest thing in the world! After months and months of being annihilated it was my opportunity to dish out some of that pain. How did I feel? Excited, nervous and almost guilty! Excited for the element of revenge, nervous as I feel I have something to prove and guilty because I still feel like she’s still my trainer and now my teacher and if I’m too mean she will punish me I’m sure of it!
As we take to the floor and begin a warm up I find myself giggling because yes it is really weird but the determination on Maxine’s face focuses me and between us we get her huffing and puffing and sweating. Watching her concentration as she hoists the 20kg kettle bell over her head is inspiring on a personal level and also working in this way with her gives me new insight as to other ways to work in the future.
Days later I get to repeat this process with another friend in tow too and it’s great fun, also am I mistaken or was that a groan of pain coming out of Maxine’s mouth? Not only was working in this way entertaining and inspiring but it started giving me ideas about future events…how would you feel about getting the opportunity to’ beat’ your trainer??! Not literally of course!
Have you heard that we’re Holding a ‘Train Your Trainer’ Group Session on Wednesday the 18th December at Blackthorns Primary School at 7pm! This will be held instead of our usual 6:15pm session. If you would like to be able to Inflict some pain on your trainers then please submit your session plans to moc.g1721737238ninia1721737238rtlan1721737238osrep1721737238laitn1721737238etop@1721737238ofni1721737238 and the best session will win! This will be a charity event and all proceeds will go to the DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal!

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