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By November 19, 2013No Comments

 A bit of ‘Me Time’

A general week for me is spent doing one of 3 things… running around after kids, sat behind a desk at a computer or trying to fit in some exercise. You wake up at some silly hour of the morning (or what feels like the middle of the night). You’re up and out the door,  and the entire day is spent focusing on anything other than yourself. Every day I say tonight I’ll take a couple of hours to myself, for me that would generally entail sitting down and catching up on some rubbish TV, for others it might be going for a walk, reading a book or just sitting in a quiet dark room, trying to de-stress. Yet without a shadow of a doubt by the time I’ve finished every other task of the day it’s time to go to bed and start the routine again tomorrow!
This will inevitably have an effect on your body…both physically and mentally you feel drained. Now from a physical aspect you need to give your body time to recover, and that’s something we don’t take into account. When you’re run down you can’t use your body to its full potential. It’s no good for you or for the jobs you need to be doing. Mentally you end up feeling like you’re just going through the motions of the day and on the really tired days end up not being able to focus on anything.
This is where the ‘Me Time’ comes into it… It somehow comes into our minds that taking time to yourself or treating yourself on something is Selfish or Unnecessary. But in reality it’s the only way we stay sane!! That’s why this week I ‘indulged’ in something just for me. As a member of Potential Personal Training I always see the leaflets and vouchers for The Urban Sanctuary and have always thought how nice it would be to have an hour to relax and have someone relieve some of the physical results of weekly stress. So I booked a massage on Maxine’s referral!
So Friday came and I couldn’t wait! I arrived at The Urban Sanctuary to be welcomed by the lovely girl on reception. I was offered a seat and brought a cup of tea and had the obligatory magazines to skim through (Current Magazines may I add)! To be honest with you doing just this for an hour would have kept me happy.
I was then met by Kayleigh, who took me into one of the lovely treatment rooms, where the smells of the products and dimmed lights make you instantly feel calm. I got on the (heated) bed and waited for Kayleigh to come back. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve had a massage, they’ve always been nice and I’ve always come away feeling relaxed. But as someone who exercises and suffers from quite a bad back, however nice they’ve been its always been just that, nice!
Now Kayleigh asked me if I have any particular areas where I suffer from aches and pains… There were a few. The massage itself lasted for 40 minutes and it was PERFECT! I honestly felt like not only was I being listened to but more importantly that my body was being listened to! I didn’t for one minute feel like she was just ‘going through the motions’ I felt like this massage was for me. Which made it twice as enjoyable.
As always time went too quickly and I felt like I could’ve stayed there all night… in fact I might buy myself a heated bed at home. I got myself dressed and met Kayleigh and the lovely Gemma in reception where I had a nice long chat, by this point I felt quite at home! I left feeling 100 times better than I did when I’d arrived and then went home to dinner and a glass of wine and fell asleep on the sofa… Relaxation had won! And I was happy to give in.
The following morning I woke up feeling different. It took me a few moments to realise why but then it clicked (no not my back), but the realisation that stretching didn’t hurt!
Now I don’t have the most stressful life, I’m not here to winge about my week when I can guarantee that half of you reading this have much more hectic weeks than I do. But it’s important for everyone to take that time for yourself. It’s now 2 days after my massage and I feel ready for this week.
I can’t compliment the service that I received at The Urban Sanctuary enough, other than that I felt not only welcomed but cared for and really pampered! I would recommend it to all of you (especially with the great deals we get as members of Potential PT). Thank you Gemma and Kayleigh and the rest of your team! And thank you Maxine for letting me leave early on a Friday to go and RELAX!
Did you know that Potential PT members receive exclusive loyalty rewards and discounts with The Urban Sanctuary?  Become a member!!! 
You put in the hard work to look and feel your best so we want to give something back, and what better way to relax than letting The Urban Sanctuary pamper you.If you or somebody you know deserves a little “me time” then contact The Urban Sanctuary NOW 01444 417472.

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