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Diary of a food addict/personal trainer!

Day 1

I was sick of thinking, ‘I will take my nutrition in hand when I have more time’ or ‘I will start on Monday’ as I am sure we all do. So I decided on a Tuesday of a week when I still had next to no time to take control of my diet with a little helping hand from some friends, Organo and Mona Vie!

Armed with Vanilla cream RVL Weight Management Shake, a bottle of Monavie Acai Blend Health Juice and the scrummy Organo Gourmet Café Mocha (which quite frankly feels like a naughty treat), I feel totally calm and supported. My aim is to cut out all those other caffeine drinks I have been relying on to get through the day and then start the day with an RVL (when I just can’t face the thought of breakfast), rather than skipping the most important meal of the day. The Acai blend is to keep away all those colds and coughs that seem to be plaguing everyone as we rapidly head into winter.

Day 2

So I wake early with little to no time to get ready (sleep is just way too important) but it’s all good because I take a shot of my Mona Vie juice and prepare myself an RVL.  (Also chucking in my bag some oat cakes and humous and an Organo Café Mocha sachet to have at tea time) I drink my RVL on the way to work and then it suddenly crosses my mind I haven’t had my usual morning cup of coffee. Although it was my intention to cut down on caffeine I’m suddenly concerned about that caffeine withdrawal headache that I suffer so badly with….but despite the fact that its afternoon before I indulge in my Café Mocha I have no hint of the head splitting pain I normally experience. I was definitely ready for my snack by morning break at work but as I spend my life STARVING that’s no surprise!

Day 3

I wake with a scratchy sore throat and begin to go into panic, that’s double shots of my Monavie juice this morning today then and without a doubt an RVL for breakfast and within a few hours I’m feeling pretty top notch. My moods are definitely better, especially my patience which was getting stretched to its limits. It has also focused my mind and I am being much more effective with snacking and have less cravings for sugar….is it psychological or physical? Who knows but I am happy to run with it!

Day 4

Very little sleep was had and consequently I am feeling very weak willed. But I am hoping that my RVL will sort me out. Today it is definitely the comforting Organo Café Mocha that comes to my rescue settling the sweet cravings as my energy levels are depleted. And an RVL for dinner today as it’s a quick turn around and amazingly it keeps me going until bedtime!

Day 5

So I wake up really hungry but feeling pretty energetic which for a morning makes a refreshing change as I’m really not an early bird by nature. The benefit of waking up hungry is that breakfast feels like a joy not a hardship so I can save that RVL for my mid afternoon lull. When my mind isn’t racing at night I am definitely sleeping more soundly. I start to wonder if I was just really depleted in vital vitamins and this is how I should have felt all the time. Don’t get me wrong I’m still tired but it’s a good kind of tired.

Day 6

Organisation went totally out the window today as I neglected to set an alarm and the consequence? I ate an Iced bun accompanied by a latte and I felt so lethargic it was untrue. My body was definitely punishing me for ceasing to take care of it. Why don’t I remember how much I suffer when I eat badly.

Day 9

After being much better the last couple of days I’m definitely feeling the benefits, I’m sleeping better again and my appetite, although still pretty big, is easier to predict and I am managing to get in regular meals throughout the day. I am however still getting stuck at dinner time, which isentirely down to organisation! Perhaps it’s time to mix it up a bit and have an RVL at dinner more often.

Day 14

Everything changes today. My routine is turned on it head, I’m around different temptations and have different daily tasks and commitments but I’m armed with my RVL and Organo Café Mocha after downing my Mona Vie Juice. The difference today is that hours go by before I remember to eat – bad I know – but whereas my blood sugar levels would have dropped dramatically my RVL seems to have kept me going, very exciting.

Day 17

Didn’t have my Organo fix today and feel sad about that but as its midnight already I shall wait for morning! But yet again my RVL kept me going for hours with only some oat cakes until I could sit down for a lovely cooked lunch of salmon. Feeling mentally more alert today and that’s even with a minimum on the hours sleep had.

Day 19

If there is any day I am likely not to take my RVL and Acai blend it’s on the weekend and that’s what happened today. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve stopped and relaxed but I feel totally Zombiefied! I appreciate that is not technically a word but I think you will all understand what I mean. So consequently whilst out and about I found myself relying on large cups of barista coffee again. Its not long before the shakes kick in and my heart feels a bit ‘funny’ and its evident that I’ve had too much caffeine. All this does is highlight to me how much I need to take care of myself and has made me more determined.  I think I get effected very rapidly by what I put into my body and now I have a better basis of comparison, in that I know how much better I should feel day to day, I realise that I’ve been functioning on a very low tank so to speak!

Day 21

I made the mistake of weighing up how many hours sleep I can survive on as I had a lot of college work to plough through on Sunday night and I think I opted for too few. I’ve always known the value of sleep and am well aware that depletion in any area of your life is detrimental but sadly it’s still one thing I don’t get enough of. Although there is a fine line between too little and too much! So I wake up feeling a little shakey but actually pretty soon I don’t feel so bad and certainly after my early morning RVL I’m feeling as though I’ve had a normal nights sleep. A few hours after my RVL the hunger kicks in and I have a protein packed breakfast and I even leave some still on the plate when I’m full, have I made progress with portion control?? The RVL combined with breakfast has satisfied me and kept me full for hours, to the point where I actually have to stop and take stock of when I last ate. Something I am not used to in the slightest. So I make sure I have a snack and continue with the day before having an unusually small dinner but I don’t want vast portions and I’m enjoying not feeling lethargic after everything I eat.

I didn’t step onto the scales or even measure myself when I began this experience so I can’t confirm or deny those benefits but from an aesthetic point of view my clothes are definitely looser fitting. The most valuable thing for me was that it has definitely refined the focus of my brain, I have more energy and haven’t been cold or flu ridden thanks to the Monavie Juice (which for me at this time of year is quite something.) Above all else it was easy as the RVL took little to no time to prepare and the Organo coffee comes in sachets which I threw in my bag on a daily basis. These little changes were what enabled me to take stock of everything that goes into my body and yes my diet still contains various flaws but I’m getting there! I’ve made these changes to my nutrition in just 21 days, and I know that these are habits that are going to stick.
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