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EMV – Energy Blend

By January 2, 2014No Comments

No jitters. No crash. Natural energy! That’s the power behind MonaVie EMV. These advanced formulas provide a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. The proprietary, natural energy blends feature revitalizing ingredients that provide a quick “pick me up” and longer lasting energy. Now you can escalate your energy anytime you want—without worrying about unwanted side effects.
• Increase EnergyDSC_0951
• Enhance Performance
• Promote Alertness
• Support Endurance
MonaVie eMV contains 40 grams of carbohydrates, which includes 22 grams of sugar from fruit, and 15 grams of Palatinose. As with any medical condition, please consult your doctor before consuming MonaVie eMV. MonaVie eMV is for anyone who wants added energy and in- creased focus and alertness. We do not recommend MonaVie eMV for children (under age 16), pregnant or nursing women, or those sensitive to caffeine. if you are taking prescription medi- cations, please consult with your physician before consuming MonaVie eMV.
One serving of MonaVie eMV contains 80 mg of all-natural caffeine from guarana, green tea, and yerba mate.. The number of servings you drink will depend upon your daily energy needs. For most individuals, 1–2 servings a day should be adequate.
Too much caffeine (more than 500 mg daily) can cause restlessness, anxiousness, irritability, and headaches. And MonaVie eMV contains 80 mg of caffeine per serving.

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