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By October 23, 2013No Comments

Every time I come to write my blog I see Emily’s pop up in my inbox, desperate to read it I hold off until I’ve written mine so as not to be too influenced but just seeing your title Emily are we living an element of parallel lives…..
Looking down at my ‘dinner’ which consists of cold coffee, cashews and chocolate I sigh with shame casting an eye around me to check no one is witnessing another major fail! How can I possibly advise people on what to eat when I am being so bad? It’s just because im really busy I tell myself….another excuse!
I’m sure you all understand what its like, you’ve reached the end of a really busy day and know you really should find the energy to prepare some good nutritious food for the next day….then you remember that washing that needs hanging, that important email or message you need to reply to and yet again I’ve forgotten to ring my mother…..and I don’t even have any children to worry about! So preparing for the next day makes it to the bottom of my list meaning that I’m struggling to make healthy choices in my work canteen or scouring the local shop for something fulfilling!
This has one major and intensely frustrating impact on my life, im not feeding my body properly so unsurprisingly I am too tired to put the time aside for that food prep yet again so I’ve entered into that all too familiar vicious circle.
Working full time in Haywards Heath in the day and then making my way to Lindfield, I actually feel surprisingly energised when I’ve finished at the Potential studio for the evening….normally because I am on a high after seeing you all work so hard…but then I get home and start on my college work and before I know it its gone midnight. I make my way to the fridge but my inspiration is gone and I have a surprising lack of food in. I have to confess I find myself living on sugar and caffeine and I’m not proud of it.
There is obviously an element of risk in sharing this with you all but it’s important that when I’m standing in front of you talking to you about the benefits of nutrition you know that I struggle to curb the sugar, fit in my 5 a day and drink plenty of water instead of tea! Every day I make another little difference and slowly im getting back on track and then im reminded how much better I sleep and how much more productive I am when I’m feeding my body well so im creeping back into the good cycle.
So I’ve focused on having plenty of quick to grab and easy to make snacks and meals this week and next week I will work on something else too. Watch this space! The other thing I have as a constant mantra?? Remembering how crappy I feel after eating too much sugar or food that is just stodge, great at the time, but if I don’t want to nap after eating my heart feels like its racing because of all the sugar and that cant be good!!!
So never worry about talking to me and being honest about what you’re finding hard because if im not still finding it hard I might have implemented a magic tool to help me, or simply have started to reap the benefits of putting that extra bit of effort in again!
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