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As PPT has blown up over the last year, Maxine has had to expand her team. She searched far and wide around Sussex to find the most skilled, intelligent and all around brilliant team she could find. Unfortunately for her she ended up with me!
Before I started working here in September, I wasn’t living the healthiest of lifestyles and I hadn’t given myself a structured fitness plan for about a year. Never the less I still gave myself the impression that I was in pretty good shape. Oh how wrong I was…
In search for a new trainer Maxine had asked me if I’d be a test dummy for a trial work out session with some potential new staff. Without hesitation I stupidly agreed. There were no worries running through my mind at all, I felt like it would be a walk in the park. To be honest I got a bit cocky, making jokes how I was going to run laps around everyone else in the session.
A year’s worth of bad food and no regular exercise really kicked my butt that session; we started off with goblet squats and from there everything went down hill… I hadn’t even got 20 minutes in before I was throwing up down the toilet (and all down my tracksuit bottoms too!) This was also the first time I had met and trained with Connor, PPT’s newest recruit, so I think it’s pretty safe to say I made a good impression that day!
This was a real eye opener and a huge wake up call for me; I was shocked how unfit I really was. After being surrounded by so many of our clients who have made such amazing progress on the journey to reach their goals, I decided it was time to set my own, hence the cheesy title. I’m aiming to improve upon my cardiovascular health (basically try not to be sick everytime I work out) and to gain more muscle ( Welcome to THE GUN SHOW!!!!!!).
I thought about starting this challenge after Christmas as a New Year’s resolution, but when I was asked, why wait till after the New Year? Why not start today, right now? I couldn’t actually think of any good reason to hold off until January. So I decided to grab the bull by the horns and kick start my fitness journey a month early. The plus side of this as well is that I won’t have to worry as much about putting on my Father Christmas belly as much over the holidays!
So if you’re thinking about or want to make a big change to your life that you keep pushing further and further away from your schedule, ask yourself why not now? What’s stopping you from achieving all your goals and ambitions?
If you want to find out more about how you can start a new fitness regime register here for one of our FREE Consultations!

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