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When you think about exercise, what springs to mind? The Gym? Celebrity home workout DVD’s? Grueling runs?
Over the years we have adopted a habit of scheduling time in our day to go and perform some kind of exercise. The reasons being that our lives have become more sedentary. With the help of technology advances like TV, computers and smartphones, sedentary office jobs and machinery that can now perform the hard graft for us in our jobs and even at home.
Years ago there was no such thing as ‘Exercise’, we didn’t need to do it because we in the way that we were designed to. Men would go out and work a manual job, even going right back to a time when they were the hunter-gatherer. Women were constantly on the move, taking care of household work and walking everywhere, not sitting at a desk all day.
In their spare time people would take part in active social past times like playing sports, walking a lot and not consuming processed or fast foods that are high laden with hidden sugars and fats. Everything had to be prepared from scratch, fast food did not exist and apart from the extremely wealthy, neither did the obesity crisis.
So now many of us see exercise as something that we have to do, and a lot of the time it’s not a task they enjoy.!
At Potential Personal Training it is paramount that every client finds his or her workouts fun, relaxed and enjoyable. This results in a high retention level because our members can a way of exercise that they want to commit too….FINALLY!!
It shouldn’t be like this!! We should move without even thinking about it.
Do you know the best way to add the maximum amount of movement to your lifestyle? Discovering a hobby that you really have a passion for, so that you don’t even realize that you are ‘exercising’.
At Potential PT we encourage our clients to maximize their program by finding or rediscovering active past times that add movement to your lifestyle.
This combination is the perfect way to achieve the best results and improve your life.
We have formed a very unique partnership with James Verrall and his team at Haywads Heath Golf Club that is like no other service offered before. We want all of our clients to be the best in their life and their sport.
There is somewhat of a misconception that golf is a slower sport, that only men can play….NOT TRUE!!
If played correctly this sport can have huge health benefits and be a real stress reliever and way of having fun…As long as the golf buggy doesn’t tempt you! You can easily walk a good few miles in an 18 hole round, over hills and changing terrain. Golf challenges your coordination, central nervous system, balance and can improve muscle tone and endurance.
Golf is a social sport that can be shared with friends and used to meet new people with similar interests, and nearly always in a beautiful surrounding (especially Haywards Heath Golf Club). You can’t beat the feeling of getting outside in the fresh air; it is incredibly beneficial to both your body and your mind.
Like many other sports such as Tennis, Squash and Cricket, Golf is a very one-sided sport. If a tailored exercise program with a professional doesn’t accompany it imagine the effects that consistent use of one side of your body could have. Asymmetries start to form in the body and then become exaggerated; unfortunately these only ever lead to one thing…injury!
And when you are injured you are no good to anyone, everyday tasks can become excruciating and it can even take you away from your game, nobody wants that!
Everyday we are treating clients that host a wealth of aches, pains, old injuries and movement restrictions. This is mainly caused from our sedentary lives, but these people then play golf to distress and aren’t performing anywhere near their full potential (little pun there). Commonly these clients are lacking in mobility, have weak core strength and balance, and are suffering pain a lot of the time.
Our job isn’t to work you beyond your limits or make you vomit. We aim to restore functionality and quality of life. By this I mean helping to make everyday life easier, get you pain free, and introduce effective movement.
And can you guess what the result of this is?
Not only a better quality life, but a vast improvement in your game!
I’m sure you would all love to improve your golf swing and leave your competitors and peers green with envy?
If you answer yes to any of the following questions below then you should consider claiming your FREE Golf Specific Functional Movement Screening offered by Potential PT and Haywards Heath Golf Club;

• Do you feel struggle to walk the 18 hole course, or would you always opt for a buggy?

• Do you notice a lack in stability and balance?

• Could your range of movement in your swing be improved?

• Do you experience any form of pain day to day or when playing golf?

• Can stress of everyday life effect you, even when you are trying to relax?

• Do you feel frustrated though lack of power that you can drive through your swing?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then we can help you! A tailored, Golf Specific Movement Screening will highlight your problems areas and enable us to devise an exercise prescription that is tailored to your individual needs.
Private Golf lessons with James or one of his awesome team will take into your account your screening results so that they can work with you to improve your specific golf needs.
You can then claim a FREE week of training with Potential PT at our exclusive training studio on Lindfield High Street, with no obligation, so that you can experience first hand how we will devise a program that will accelerate your results.
Think you are too ‘far-gone’ to be helped? We are working closely with many golfers that had accepted their restrictions as something that they would always have to live with. It doesn’t have to be that way!
We have worked closely with Ladies Captain at Haywards Heath Golf Club, Rosemary Parvin for the last year; she has received phenomenal results from her program, her fitness levels are ever increasing.
We are here to help you move better and gain maximum benefits in your health and your game!

Contact James Verrall at HH Golf Club on 01444 414866 or Potential PT  on 01444 484129 to find out how we can help you today!

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