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Why do we fail? Learn why failure can be an opportunity!

Why do we fail? Learn why failure can be an opportunity! To start this off let me hit you with two scenarios. Scenario 1: Clare has her third body diagnostic in three months of training. The first two went well; she’s been working like a Trojan in the gym and eating like a champion making […]

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No Pain, No GAIN… or is it?

No Pain, No GAIN… or is it? We all know by now you have to work hard to get good results. One of my favourite quotes is by the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali, “When I feel PAIN, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts!” Now as motivational as that […]

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Injury is an opportunity for improvement

Injury is an Opportunity for Improvement   Before you read this, I am not a doctor or a physiotherapist writing about clients; I write this from my own experience of being injured from sport and training. I have had more injuries than there are letters in the alphabet! These injuries are custom to the sport […]

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Nemesis… Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Nemesis in Greek mythology is the goddess of revenge and is described as the remorseless goddess… one thing is for certain, you WILL be wanting revenge on me at the end of the session! These sessions are designed to push you to your limit, both physically and mentally. Who is this for? If you’ve reached […]

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