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By February 24, 2014One Comment

We are gearing up for The 1st of March, which brings another exciting programme to Potential PT, the 21-day “Love Your Health” challenge, a revolutionary fat loss programme.
In previous 21-day challenges we have seen amazing results from some of our clients, the highest fat loss being 20lbs in 21 days!! How do we get such incredible results? We use our special formula of fat blasting workouts; healthy nutrition plans that leave you feeling satisfied by your diet and support that goes above and beyond anything you would see in a gym.

So Why 21 Days?

The fact is that we are all creatures of habit, in one-way or another; many people class a habit as something bad, smoking, drinking alcohol to excess or over eating. A habit is only a pattern of behavior that has been repeated to a point that it becomes almost automatic for your brain, waking up in the morning and drinking a cup of tea, for example.  For some of us our habits provide us with a comfort and a familiarity in life, which can make them even trickier to break, but there must have been a time when we didn’t think that we needed these things in life to get by.
It’s so easy to form a habit and for the pathways in your brain to become natural, we must continue to remind ourselves of this. We don’t NEED that chocolate, we’ve just made it easy for our brain to think that. So lets flip it on it’s head, and as well as trying to break some bad habits, lets make some good ones!!
It’s very true that you become the habits in your life, it may not be instant but that habit of a few cigarettes in the evening will end up leaving you with a poor respiratory system, not to mention all the other nastys. The extra piece of cake every day will soon add up to those extra pounds that you are carrying on your tummy, or staying up to work late for an extra hour will soon have you feeling tired and miserable all day. When the thought of doing something pops into your brain it is very important to think about the long-term effect of that craving, rather than the immediate.
A great book that we would recommend all of you reading is Psycho-Cybernetics, a classic self-help book, written by Maxwell Maltz in 1960. It’s in this book that Maltz speaks about the importance of giving yourself 21 days to overcome habit and install change. If you haven’t already read this book then we suggest that you go and buy it today.

Make A Change

If it’s change that you want then the fist thing you should know is that it isn’t all going to happen at once, you can’t expect to quit smoking, change your diet, exercise everyday and cut down on alcohol all in one go! One thing that is important is to be realistic with the goals that you set yourself, because if you are setting yourself up for failure that isn’t go to help with your moral!
The Potential PT 21 day challenge we make it all easy for you, we provide the proven expert plan, we help you to set clear, achievable goals  and we make sure that you are not alone in what you are doing. We will look at your existing nutrition habits and makes adjustments, we encourage our members to come along to as many sessions as you can WITHOUT adding extra stress to your life, when you are there you WILL have fun, and to make things a little easier, we are always only a text message, email or phone call away, so that if it all gets too hard or you just need to know what aisle of Sainsbury’s the coconut oil is down, we will do our utmost to help.
It’s not too late to register for the “Love Your Health” 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge, if you want to see the life-changing, jaw-dropping results that you have always longed for then get in contact with the team now for your FREE consultation.

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