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By February 3, 2014No Comments

I’m going to throw this out there; I hate Valentines Day!! Normally that is something that you would expect a singleton to say, but I’ve actually always been in a relationship on the most romantic day of the year…..I’ve just always been left feeling catastrophically disappointed by the whole thing. I hate to admit that I used to be one of those women that got sucked into the whole media hype of Valentines, expecting that my (pretty useless) boyfriends would all of a sudden, as if by magic become some kind of Casanova, sweep me off my feet, wine and dine me and dance the tango with a rose clasped in between his teeth…..never going to happen.
Although one year I do remember getting a card from the Shell garage thrown at my head as I lay in bed, followed by the words “there’s your bloody card, I hope you are happy now’. Sounds harsh I know, but I think he was right, in some respects. I had put pressure on him to buy me a Valentine’s day card, even though he didn’t agree with it. The year before he had stuck to his guns and ignored valentines day….what a big mistake that had been for him!! I fell victim to very clever media campaigns, that ironically left me feeling unhappy with what I had, even thought the people around me hadn’t changed one bit! Because ‘somebody’ has decided that every man in the world should express his undying love with expensive cards, chocolates and roses, there is a massive pressure placed on everyone to conform to this. If the media can make someone in a relationship feel pretty crappy, then how do those that aren’t in a relationship feel?
I know a lot of people who choose to be single, but yet they get made to feel that there is a gaping void in their life. We are missing the point!! It’s about thought, care and support to those around you…not chocolates and tacky teddy bears.
Ok some I’m going to bring it back to Health and Fitness a little, because I understand right now it just seems like I am ranting (probably true a little bit!) When people come to us to take on a fitness programme there are often more issues going on then just a little weight gain or loss of fitness levels. I’ve seen over 300 people come and go through our studio and you start to notice significant patterns in the problems that people are facing. With weight gain and lack of exercise, comes poor health, diminished energy levels, lack of confidence and self esteem which can lead to a feeling of isolation, thus not wanting to go out and socialise or exercise…..and then you are stuck in the viscous cycle.
Women are made by the media to feel that if you do not look a certain way, earn a certain amount of money or settle down with a partner then your life is a failure, not true at all. We all feel the pressure to live up to certain expectations that are portrayed to us through the media, but who decided that we have to live like this? My life to some extent has been a long line of continuous mistakes, I spent a lot of time dwelling on it, but regret is a wasted emotion. So now I realise screw it, if I’m happy, if the people around me are happy and we all have our health then what else do we need to worry about? Valentines is just another example of how we are made to feel that our life should be a certain way. I think it’s a lovely idea, to dedicate a day of the year to show the people around you how much you love them. But maybe this could be done by spending time with each other, talking, laughing or better still let’s treat our loved ones like it all year round rather just once a year!! ; )
Don’t apply added pressure on yourself to live up to something you feel you should be, be who you want to be. The added stress of trying to please others will not result in your own happiness nor will it have a positive effect on your weight loss, health and well being.
This month we want to celebrate those that we love (including ourselves) in a slightly different way, with the gift of health. Keep an eye out for all of our amazing Valentines offers that will be revealed in the next few days, truly show someone that you love them by helping them lead a healthier, happier and longer life with you….and if you can’t think of anyone that you want to “Love” then give yourself the gift!!!

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