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A personalised service

Life-changing results

Potential PT are the leading providers in private training, our programmes are tailored exactly to your specific goals and needs, producing life-changing results, fast!

For the first time ever, with our specialised programme you will receive the most personalised service that focuses on you as an individual, not just another number in the gym.

I Have Tried Fitness Programmes Before BUT…

  • Nobody has given you the professional guidance that you need to achieve you goals, instead you are left on the treadmill for an hour.
  • You have no idea what diet/ exercise you should be doing…There are so many mixed messages!
  • The gym is an intimidating environment and full of egos
  • You Lack motivation and drive because nobody is holding you accountable
  • You have tried every diet going but you can’t stick to anything or sustain the results.

We provide full support

Private Memberships

Private memberships cover EVERYTHING that you need in order to achieve body and life transformation in the shortest time possible, by providing memberships that include all of the tools that are required in ordered to succeed. We provide full support in exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation, emotional triggers , motivation and rest and recovery, PLUS we will hold you accountable to stick to your programme!

You will meet with an Expert Coach 2-5 times per week at your chosen location and your program will include;

  • One hour initial consultation that includes identifying your needs, setting goals, booking your sessions and your Body Diagnostic and Functional Movement Screening.
  • 1:1 Personal Training tailored exactly to your goals, offering a varied programme utilizing the best in training equipment and modalities.
  • Nutritional support and guidance, weekly nutrition plans
  • Your first 21 days of Supplements free and discounted prices on all future purchases.
  • 4 weekly repeat consultations to include assessments, progress tracking, goal setting, Nutrition Support and Physical Assessment.
  • Continued support from our committed trainers, whenever you need us we are here to help, no matter what.
  • Amazing rewards for introducing your friends to train with us .
  • VIP Club Card that gives you exclusive members discount that can be used at a number of local businesses.

Meet Natalie

So far I have lost over 4 Stone with Potential Personal Training. I have been attending for a year now and have achieved some really great results, I have much more energy and an overall better sense of well being. I’m still working towards my goals and would recommend it to anyone.

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Natalie Branbury success story

We really want you to succeed

Our private studio is exclusive, people can’t just walk in and out.
This means
no busy times, no being ignored by staff and most importantly no egos!!

I totally understand that you may be sceptical and even cautious that this
programme may be yet another one of these ‘fads’.

That’s why Potential Personal Training promise a full 100% money back guarantee on your
programme, if you don’t get results then we will refund every penny.

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