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By February 10, 2014No Comments

We all know the importance of listening to our bodies… In most peoples cases this means acknowledging any aches and pains, and knowing what is usual or abnormal to us. In my case it has always been much more literal. I can’t seem to do much without having to actually listen to mine… clicks and cracks come from my bones with most movements. My back and neck when I stretch, my knee’s when I squat or crouch and my ankles with most steps… And for someone in their 20’s I felt like I should probably get it checked!
Lindfield Chiropractic Centre is a partner business of Potential Personal Training so I decided to go see Dr. Jenny Layton. Now I’ll be honest, for a while I had put off going to see anyone because I felt like I may end up in what I thought was a lose/lose situation. The first being that a professional would tell me there was nothing wrong and then I’d have no answers, the second being that there would be something wrong and I’d have to fork out for treatment.
I’d also seen the huge difference being seen by a Chiropractor had made to Maxine. For those of you who don’t know, working too much and not taking care of herself as much as she should had left Maxine’s back in a pretty terrible way. At times she would be left unable to move for periods of time and the difference being adjusted made to her was phenomenal. My back was by no means as bad as hers, so surely if such a huge difference can be made to her I can achieve good results too.
After seeing that Lindfield Chiropractic Centre offered a free spine check I thought it was time to assess the damage . I went up the road from the training studio and met Jenny, who is so welcoming and professional that you feel in very capable hands immediately. My first session included a full check and assessment of how I felt and moved. This highlighted a few issues and I had my first adjustment. It was quick and painless – if anything quite enjoyable (but then I am a bit strange like that)! It was suggested that I needed 2 adjustments a week and to go to another Chiropractic Centre for an X-Ray.
It’s now just 4 short weeks after my first appointment and I’ve already had my X-Ray, my results and have been told I now only need to attend 1 session a week. The results I got from both the X-Ray and through the Spine Check have allowed me to move more efficiently without quite so many clicks and cracks. I’d be lying if I said there were none but certain movements which were originally hard, some even painful, are no longer a struggle. I can now perform mountain climbers, squats and lunges without discomfort.
We are all aware of our own bodies and what is normal for us. But I’ve realised the importance of taking some things my body is telling me more seriously. I had only avoided this treatment due to the fear of its cost and now 1 month in I am already moving better and feeling less aches and pains, enough to reduce the amount of treatment I need already. In my eyes you can’t put a price on the value of having good health, god I have changed!
To take advantage of your FREE Spine check with Jenny at Lindfield Chiropractic Centre call 01444 484582 or visit the website

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