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By December 30, 2013No Comments

As we move in to the new year a lot of people are focussing on what they hope to achieve in the year ahead. We all know the obvious ones, resolutions of weight loss, improved fitness and a healthier lifestyle based purely on our efforts towards the end of 2013. In my opinion, nothing can be bad about a time of year that urges us to focus on what we want from life, and set ourselves clear, realistic goals for the foreseeable future.
This year has been unlike any other year in my life. I found myself at the beginning of December totally exhausted, mentally and physically from what was a crazy 2013. On Christmas Eve the girls and I shut up shop for 10 whole days off, my first in a loooooong time and I was determined to get in some serious relaxation and review in preparation for 2014. Working the hours that I do have made me value every second of life, and the people in it. So what would be the point entering into the new year, only thinking about what I haven’t achieved already and what I plan to in 2014. I have lived my life like this for a long time, never taking the time to focus on my successes, only the failures. Never looking at what I love about myself, instead only picking at the parts that aren’t perfect.
I sat myself down and wrote a list, month by month, a year in review. And there was only one rule, I could only think about the positive changes, achievements and happiest moments.
How many of you do this? I have NEVER done this before, but I have spent a lot of time thinking about what hasn’t gone my way! It’s an important part of life, I learn from my mistakes and try my hardest to improve next time round. I have a personal list of resolutions for the new year to make 2014 the best yet, but I don’t stop and give myself a pat on the back for the good things (one of my resolutions).
So here it is, Maxine’s 2013, the things that I am proud of!
Charity Bootcamp: In February Potential PT organised an event that raised £2000 for a local charity SASBAH that was very close to one of our members hearts. Our members completed a gruelling 4 hour bootcamp style workout in front of hundreds of local spectators that came along to support such a fantastic cause.
The Press: PPT and myself personally have featured in the local press more than 10 times this year (and it was all positive!), but the ultimate happened just 2 weeks ago. My story featured in National Tabloid newspaper “The Sun” with a 2 page article, the story was aimed as an inspirational piece to encourage others that may be facing the same issues that I have; weight loss, lone parenting, getting into work from being on benefits and building a business. Yes I found it pretty embarrassing but if my story can inspire even 1 person to follow their dreams then that can only be a good thing, right?
Staff: The PPT team consisted of me until July this year. I thought I could juggle everything myself but I soon realised that if I wanted to continue to provide my clients (and loved ones) with the best service possible then I would need to seek some help. Because after all, what good would I be to anyone burnt out and stressed out?! And so entered Emily, my office angel, soon followed by the amazing Sophia our lead trainer. Since then we have welcomed Matt to the team who has bought in his specialist skills in Sports massage and rehabilitation, and in the new year we have another (soon to be named) trainer who has achieved phenomenal weight loss and body transformation herself. I feel totally blessed to have built such an amazing and supportive team around me, who will continue to help push Potential PT forwards and give me the occasional day off!!
NPE Member Of The Year and (the dreaded) Public Speaking: In September I was honored to stand on stage and address a room full of the world’s leading fitness professionals and motivational speakers. To say I was scared was an understatement and if I’m honest, even once I had got up and done it (twice) I was still a little bemused as to why I had been chosen. Confidence in myself has never been a strong point, but when I was awarded as the first UK Member of the Year it really forced me to accept that yes, although I have failed many times, I have also achieved. I grew as a person that weekend and also unveiled a hidden love for public speaking…..who would have known!
Member Success: Potential PT entered the year with 18 regular active members, we have now helped over 200 people to improve their life and achieve their dreams. Some of our members have accomplished amazing results in their weight loss, health and personal development. It has been an absolute honor to have been able to help these people and watch them grow into healthier and happier people.
I sat here writing this blog feeling like a lot of you are right now, too much food, a lot less movement and late nights all result in feeling pretty crappy about myself. After this little positive achievements exercise I feel a little more like “Hey, so what if I’ve had a few days off”. I’ve had some priceless time with my family and friends, prepared myself for the year ahead and reflected on the year that has just passed, I feel happy and grateful for what I have.
We all have things that we want to accomplish in life, the truth is we don’t just yearn for them in January. So by all means, start that exercise programme that you’ve been wanting to do, seek help of a professional that can support you with a healthy eating plan, limit your alcohol to special occasions but be realistic with what you set yourself and don’t always beat yourself up about your failures. This will only lead to more failures. Spend time to congratulate yourself for your successes and take time out to spend it with the ones that mean the most to you. Try your best to lead a happy, balanced life so that you are here to enjoy the important things for as long as possible!
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