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5 top tips to enter 2017

By December 22, 2016No Comments

So New Year is around the corner, which means it’s time to become the new you! It’s a fantastic time of the year as it’s a chance for everyone to start afresh and gives them the opportunity to achieve the goals they’ve always wanted.
I’m going to give you my 5 Top Tips to having a successful New Year.
1 – Don’t go mad with the goals
It’s very easy to get carried away when setting your goals for the New Year, and most end up with a ridiculous number of big goals. The issue with setting so many goals is that it’s near impossible to stick to all of them, so you end up just giving up on all of them and not achieving anything at all. What you need to do is set 1-3 goals for the year and stick to those!
2 – Ease into training
It’s the New Year and you’re just about to start working out, so that means you have to do at least 10 hours of exercise a week right? Wrong. If you’re just starting to exercise for the first time or after a long break from it, start off slower and build up into it. If you go from no exercise to loads of very high intensity sessions then it’s likely that you’ll tire out, injure yourself, and cause negative results to your goals. All of these things may then put you off exercise for the rest of the year which isn’t what we want.
3- Make small changes one at a time
It’s essential that once you set up your main goal/s for the year that you then have a plan as to how to attain them. The best way to do this is to make small changes one at a time, week-to-week, or month-to-month. For example, if your goal is fat loss and you know breakfast is your weak point then try to have at least one good breakfast for the first week, then try and have two the next, and so on. It can be even simpler than that – for example, if you find it hard taking the time to cook your food, buy pre-cut veg that you can throw straight into the pan rather than having to prep all of the individual bits. The essential thing with this is to start small and just take it one step at a time.
4 – Be realistic
So what’s your goal? I want to lose 5 stone, run a marathon and squat 200kg.
Great, and when do you want to achieve this by? Well I was thinking in about two weeks.
Now having big goals is great! It means that you want to achieve a lot and that’s fantastic but the goals have to be realistic within the time frame. It goes by the same principle of setting too many goals, in that setting an unrealistic goal will often lead to failure, which will make you feel like crap and prevent you trying again. When you set realpictureistic goals and you achieve them it will give you a boost in confidence going into the next goal and so on, and by the end of the year you will be amazed in what you can achieve.

  •  5 Enjoy it

Last but not least have fun! Enjoy the New Year and the fresh start. Make sure that you enjoy the process and don’t beat yourself up if you fall; learn from it and keep moving forward and keep you goals in mind.
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